One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


32. Louis Tomlinson One Shot


20 years, that’s how long it had been since he proposed. 19 since you married him but Louis couldn’t believe you were doing it like this. You had been separated for a while but he wasn’t expecting the papers to come so soon. He had hoped that you would make up, he had hoped that his actions would be forgiven again. But you didn’t forgive him, not this time because you never really forgot when he did it. You forgave but you never forgot…

"Give this to your dad when you see him next." You said to yours and Louis’ daughter. "Tell him to open it at midnight. He’ll understand."

"Ok mum. Does this mean you guys are getting back together?" She asked.

"No. I could never forgive him. I did it so many times before and i’m done being scared that I could be being cheated on. It’s not gonna happen sweetie. I’m sorry." You told her.

"Ok. I’m seeing him this weekend so i’ll give it to him then."

Midnight…his birthday was over and now it was Christmas. He lifted the present from under his tree and sat on the couch. 'To: Louis From: y/n'

He slowly opened up the present and there it was. The papers he thought he would never have to see. The divorce papers.

He grabbed his phone and dialed the only number he knew off by heart. “What the fuck is this y/n?” He shouted when you answered.

"I’m guessing you opened the present then." You replied.

"Of course I did. What kind of a sick person are you?" He questioned.

"I thought it would be nice, keep the tradition and all. Engaged, married and divorced all on the same date." You said.

"Tradition! Are you mad?! I’m not signing these, I’m not giving up on us y/n!" He shouted.

"Give over Louis. You never cared about me, you were in someone else’s bed everytime I looked away. It was never going to work out." You told him.

"I didn’t cheat that much y/n. It was only a few times." He said.

"A few times?! Sophie, Abby, Hannah, Eleanor, Jessie, Courtney, Sam and all those other whores." You said.

"They never meant anything to me, I swear. I was just lonely and I missed you." He replied.

"You missed me?! You could have called but instead you went off with some whore? Good joke Louis." You retaliated.

"I mean it y/n. I never wanted to hurt you." He said.

"You should have thought of that when I was at home with our kids, worrying about if you were off with some other girl and I was raising our kids. I might have forgiven you Louis but I never forgot and taking you back is my only regret in life." You said, almost in tears.

"I didn’t know that’s how you felt y/n." He said.

"No you didn’t because you were never there for me to tell you. I only want contact with you now if its because of the kids. Just sign the papers so I can get you out of my life." You said and hung up.

You threw yourself back on your bed. Why did he make you feel like this? You loved him, part of you always would but he hurt you too much and he needed to be gone from your life. You looked at your left hand and took off your rings and threw them across the room. You didn’t need him.

"Happy Christmas babe." Louis said kissing you lightly on the lips. "Open this one, its from me." He said handing you a box.

"Oh. Is it earrings? Only earrings come in such a small box." You said, excitement evident in your voice.

"Open it to see." He replied with a smile on his face.

You took the paper off and opened the box. Inside was a ring.


"Marry me y/n? We’ve been together for four years now and I’ve wanted to do this for so long." He mumbled.

You pressed your lips to his to quieten him.

"Of course i’ll marry you." You said once you pulled away.

"Really?" He asked.

"I wouldn’t have said that if I didn’t want to." You replied.

Louis slid the ring on your finger. “Y/n Tomlinson. I like it.” Louis said.

"Me too."


If only things were like they once had been. But they weren’t, he changed, Louis slept around, he wasn’t a good husband and he expected you to take him back everytime he messed up. You had before, like a fool you took him back time and time again but you couldn’t do it one more time. You couldn’t take him back for something you knew would happen again so you left him, finally you got the courage to leave. You stood up for yourself, you didn’t want to get hurt again and it was the best decision you had ever made.

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