One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


14. Louis Tomlinson One Shot



Listen to this while reading:

When you met him you were broken and in a way he was too. His girlfriend had left him and he was heartbroken, she cheated and it hurt him. But he met you and you both became friends. You were friends for so long when you slept together, it became a regular thing and soon you felt like you couldn’t live without him but he kept ignoring you afterward. At first your friendship remained the same but then he stopped contacting you and it made you upset, soon he would come crawling back claiming he was busy with the band and then it went back to the way it was but it was like there was a repeat button on your relationship, the same thing kept happening over and over, you always ended up heartbroken. But this time you wanted to tell him, you felt like he had to know how you felt about him, how much you loved him.

But you sat on the floor staring at your broken photo frame, he told you he was going back to her, claiming she had changed and it broke your heart. You fought with him, tried to get him to change his mind and finally asked him about you. He simply replied saying that it was only a friends with benefits thing. So you told him how much of a mistake it was and how he would lose his best friend. But he just left, turned around and left your apartment and your life. As soon as he left you broke the frame, you screamed and you cried because you were heartbroken, you were stupid for taking him back all those times, you were stupid for not telling him the truth.

You once again sat on the floor, it had been two months since he left, two months since you had seen him. You knew he was back with her, you saw the pictures online, all your memories of him seemed like daggers in your mind because he walked away and this time he stayed away. He hadn’t shown up on your doorstep begging for forgiveness for not contacting you, he hadn’t called or texted, he stayed away just like he said he would. It almost drove you back to self harming but you were strong, you didn’t give in to your urges. You remembered everything about your time together, he left fingerprints in your brain. But something made you get up from the ground and get in your car and drive to his house, maybe it was your memory of his touch or how he held you, who knows but you knew you had to tell him. After all you had nothing to lose since you had already lost him. You sat for a few minutes thinking of the right thing to say but sitting there just brought all your anger back, your anger at his girlfriend for taking him away from you, your anger at him for going back to her and your anger at him for just leaving you like you meant nothing. You finally got the courage to get out of the car and walk towards his door. You knocked and he answered, only in a pair of sweatpants. “Y/n?” He asked looking at you. “Hi Louis, for once it’s the other way round huh? I’m on your doorstep instead of you on mine.” “What are you doing here y/n?” He asked you. “I can’t stand not seeing you Louis, I miss you, I miss my best friend.” “Is that all you want to say because I have things to do?” He asked grabbing the door handle to close the door. “Stop walking away from me Louis, you can’t just forget what we had.” “But I can y/n because it didn’t mean anything.” You felt like you wanted to cry but you had to stay strong. “Maybe not to you but it meant something to me Louis, you always came back to me, begging for forgiveness but that’s not what i’m doing. I’m here to tell you something because I just want you to know.” “What is it?” “I love you, I always have.” “Don’t expect me to say it back y/n, because I love her.” “Fine then go back to her, but when she cheats again don’t come running back to me. You turned away from me so I couldn’t even be friends with you, it’s what you wanted to do so stay away. I’ll get over you eventually Louis. Have a good life.” You started walking back to your car when you heard him shouting. “Y/n!” You turned around and looked at him. “I don’t regret what we had.” “Neither do I but I just wish I had told you how I felt before now.” You turned around again and got in your car, driving away from him, the one you love so you could finally face the fact that he walked away, that he didn’t love you.

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