One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


45. Harry Styles Drabble


You hadn’t meant to show up, you didn’t want to but when your mum called and said he was getting married that weekend in your hometown you had to go home. It had been 3 years since your breakup but he was your first love, you would always love him a little bit. It was natural that you felt a little heartbroken when you heard but it wasn’t normal that you got the first flight you could home. He wasn’t meant to mean this much to you anymore, he had moved on and you thought you had too. Luckily he hadn’t seen you all week but the night before his wedding he was at the local pub with the boys and you walked in. He saw you, he saw you and it was like there was no one else in the world but you and him.

He woke up the next morning, naked beside you. What had he done? He couldn’t believe that he had cheated, especially the night before his wedding. But when you woke up he was already gone, you should have known that he wouldn’t stay. He was getting married for Christ sake! How could you have done this? You knew what it was like to be cheated on and you wouldn’t wish it in anyone but clearly he loved her. You picked up your phone and scrolled through your contacts, you pressed call but it went to voicemail. You left a message anyway.

"Hey. Umm it’s me, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me right now but I’m sorry about last night. I never meant to show up uninvited but I couldn’t help it. I guess part of me will always love you but please don’t tell your wife. I’ve been cheated on and it’s the worst thing in the world, just don’t put her through that. I’m so glad that you’re happy and I’m just sorry I showed up, I’m sorry that I still love you…"

He held the phone to his ear and listened to the message. You loved him, you still loved him and seeing you the night before, sleeping with you the night before made him realise that he still loved you. He loved you and maybe he never stopped loving you but he couldn’t walk out right before his wedding. He couldn’t do that to Emma because he loved her too. But as he stood beside her at the alter, ready to say I do he realised that he loved you more. “I’m so sorry. I can’t do this.” And he ran out of the church, he ran until he got to your house and he stood on the doorstep until you answered. As soon as the door opened he kissed you, he kissed you hard because he wanted to savour this moment. He wanted to remember this because you might not take him back but he wanted you. “I love you.” He whispered as he pulled away. But you knew that this was it for you, your one true love was finally back in your arms.

You lay your head on his chest and hugged him tight.
“I love you too Harry.”

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