The Trip That Started It All

Carson and Addison just graduated high school and were taking a trip to London, England. When the find a friend and go to a party will the guys they met change their life and get them to move to London to stay?


6. I Told You Not To Dink To Much

Carson's P.O.V.

We called Louis and El, Liam, and Zayn, and told then what club to be at and when to me there. We all went to our rooms to get ready. When we were all done it was almost 11:30 so we called a taxi and climbed in. When we got there you could smell the alcohol and the smoke. We walked in and found Louis and El, Liam, and Zayn. Louis got the first round of shots and Zayn got the second. I don't really drink so Liam and I just sat there and watched. "Harry do you want to go dance?" He nodded his head and grabbed my arm and lead me to the dance floor. We started dancing and I looked at Addie and mouthed for her to come and dance with us. She drug Niall on the dance floor. "I'll be right back. Remember not to drink a lot Harry." He nodded his head. Addie and I went off to the bath room. "I really hope he doesn't drink a lot. You know how he is." "Don't worry Niall will look after him." I went to the bathroom washed my hands and we went back to the dance floor. "Where is Harry?" "Where is Niall?" I found Liam sitting at a table with Louis and El. "Have you seen Harry?" They all said no. That's when Niall came. "Have any of you seen Harry?" He asked us. "No he was supposed to be with you." "Well we went back to the bar to get some more drinks and I turned around to see if you and Addie came back. But when I turned back around he was gone, and my drink was empty too." We all got up to look for Harry. I found him in a corner sitting on the ground crying. "Harry why are you crying?" He looked up at me and all I could see was sadness. "I messed up big time." I looked at him with a weird look. "After Niall and I went to get drinks I drank mine and his then I wanted to go find you. But some girl grabbed me by the arm and started to make out with me. I told her I had a girlfriend be say said she didn't care. Zayn found me and she was still making out with me he through me up against the wall and yelled at. I tried to tell him what happened but he punched me in the face and left." I nodded and helped him up. "Lets go home." We went to find the rest of them and told them what happened. Liam went to find Zayn.

Zayn's P.O.V.

After I found Harry and he told me what happened I couldn't help but punch him in the face. I walked outside and to a park. I knew this would happen if he drank to much. "Zayn." I looked up to see Liam. "What do you want?" "I came to see what the hell you were thinking." "What do you mean. He was making out with some girl." "So that don't give you the right to punch him. Gosh what's wrong with you?" "I love her man." I looked up to see a surprised Liam standing in front of me. "Since when?" "Um. since El's party." "Well man I hate to tell you this but you have got to get over her. She loves Harry and he loves her." I nodded my head. "Lets go home mate."

Harry's P.O.V.

"I didn't do anything I promise." I told them the truth but for some reason they wont believe me. "Niall I promise I am telling you the truth I love her to much to hurt her." He looked at me and I could tell he was mad. "Harry you have a lot of making up to be doing tomorrow." "I know but what should I do?" "Hell if I know take her out to eat make her feel special." I knew what I was going to do.

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