I knew he didn't love me. You could see it in his eyes. Being me, well of course he only wanted me because of my inheritance. He killed me, and I'll never forgive him. Money, that was all he wanted.

*I have changed the ages for characters, such as Lottie Tomlinson*


6. Meeting Him

I stood up and looked all around me. There was no sign of Binky anywhere! I start looking around the park, and then a husky voice came from behind me. "Is this your dog?" the boy asked me. In his hands was Binky, and for a moment I was a little bit gobsmacked. I suddenly went back to my own mind and said "Oh yeah, thanks!" I was blinded by how gorgeous he was, he could've been a model, for all I knew. I sat down, with Binky on my lap. The boy sat next to me and said "You've got a really adorable dog", and I looked up and replied "Thanks, she's a bit of a handful sometimes!" "I'm Hayden" he said. "Oh, I'm Jaynie". "Lovely to meet you, Jaynie. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"


(Sorry for not writing much in this chapter, I have been really busy!)

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