I knew he didn't love me. You could see it in his eyes. Being me, well of course he only wanted me because of my inheritance. He killed me, and I'll never forgive him. Money, that was all he wanted.

*I have changed the ages for characters, such as Lottie Tomlinson*


4. Friends

I close the door behind me and head for Lottie's house. She is one of my best friends, even before I was rich. She never changed, unlike some of my old friends. Me, Lottie and her younger sister, Felicite always walk together to school. Johannah (their mum) are busy taking the twins (Daisy and Phoebe) to their school. Louis is still not back from boot camp, otherwise he would have offered to take us. It's a 15 minute walk to school, but it lasts about a minute because we are always laughing together! Me and Lottie are in the same set and form, and it was the same in primary. She has a lovely boyfriend, called Martin! I broke up with my long term boyfriend of one year (his name was Robbie), mainly because we just realized it would be better if we stayed as friends. We are still okay, I guess. I get asked out lots by boys, especially in the years above. I don't know why, it's a bit annoying actually.
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