My Little Thing

*Sequal to Adopted* when anna has her baby its born dead she rans away and doesnt talk to anyone any more, but what happens when Zany comes looking for Anna. Will Anna go back with zany or will she only go back to living life with a certain blue eyed irish boy?


2. anna

Louis P.O.V:


"um mr. Tomlinson may I speak to you for a moment" I walked over to the doctor and waited for him to tell me the news. "Mr. Tomlinson im afraid the baby didn't make it and anna still hasn't woke up Mr. malik will be outside the door if you would like to talk to him im very sorry" then he walked off. the boys had been standing behind me the whole time I turned around to look at them niall was taking it hard aperntly. I couldn't cry I was to overwhelmed by it I looked down the hall at zany who was on the floor crying his eyes out I hated it for him. I walked down the hall and sat beside him he didn't look at me he just stared at the wall infront of us "how you doing buddy" "I cant believe it its all my fault" mate you couldn't have done anything about it" I couldn't believe he was blaming himself for this. "yes it is the doctor said it was stress that caused it she was stressed about me not being there and then Sammy and its just all my fault" he put his head in his hands and cried. "zany Louis where are you guys" it was anna zany was in there before I could even get up, I got into the room and found zany holding anna she just looked confused. "Louis whats wrong" she looked terrified I sat on the bed and put my hand on her sholder "anna you lost the baby" I couldn't say it any nicer she wouldn't have believed me if I said it any other way. she looked at zany then to me then at the rest of the boys she had no emotion on her face just tears that wouldn't stop falling. she laid her head on my sholder and cried zany came and rubbed her back she let go of me and held onto zany for dear life, her and zany laid in the bed and soon fell asleep. she would be able to leave in the morning we packed what little had been unpacked I sent liam to the house to put all the gifts in the babys room and lock the door. I put her bag in the car and walked back to her room and crashed in a chair.

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