Together Forever

What happens when Faith and four of her friends go to a One Direction concert with backstage passes with the hope that Harry and her would fall in love. Will it happen of will it all be in her dreams?


1. The Concert

"Come on Faith, we're going to miss it." That's me Faith Marie Rose, and my friends and I are at One Direction concert. Front row and backstage passes to met the band. "I coming. Gosh guys chill." We made matching shirts. On the front it says "You're Perfect For Me." and on the back of mine it said "Styles 56". 56 because if you count Harry's full name it adds up to 56. Ally's had "Horan 55". Addie's had "Malik 45", Carson's Had "Payne 45", and Emily's said "Tomlinson 59". We got to our seats and 5SOS came and did their songs. After that was over One Direction came out and started Best Song Ever, and we started fangirling big time. Harry was singing his parts then everyone else and then he got to "She kissed me like she meant it." His eyes were looking around, and then found mine. For that split second that we maid eye contact my heart melted. They sang some more songs then Little Things. Harry's solo came, and once again his eyes found mine. This time they stayed there for his whole solo, and at the end he winked at me. I turned to look at my friends, and I guess they seen because they were all looking at me smiling. They sang their last song and said goodbye, and we stared backstage. When we got there Harry's eyes stopped on me. "Well hello beautiful." I just looked at him and smiled. I guess I was staring at him for a long time because Ally hit my arm. "Ouch! Why did you do that?" "Because it's our turn to take a picture." After we took the picture they all gave us hugs. When Harry gave me a hug he handed me a slip of paper. "Call me when you can love." and winked at me. I smiled and waved goodbye to everyone.

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