Shattered Dreams (NIALL HORAN FANFIC)

Every one thought that Niall had a perfect life until he fell in love with someone. This lead to the end of his life. 3 years have passed by since that day. What happens now when one of his old band mates find his journal and unleash it's secrets to the world. You'll have to read and find out.


4. Lou's birthday

Louis's pov:

I was so happy today was my birthday I just  turned 22. I was looking around the room at all of my friends and family having a great time when I thought I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like a diary . Not just any diary, but the diary that Niall  had always brought with him every were. Something in side of me was saying just go for it take it and run.

No one will notice that its gone. Then I heard Niall calling me towards it. It was like he was standing in front of me handing the book. I told the lads that I would be right back. They all nodded then went back to drinking and having a great time. When I grabbed the book I ran upstairs and locked my self in my room.

I waited awhile for my heart to slow down. Then it was just me and the book alone in a room to gather. I gently opened the book for fear that I might brake it. Then I skipped all the parts where was happy and started to read about the day he was sad.

Dear Diary

I was so sad to day. I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. I kept thinking today was the day. I would tell him ILOVE YOU today! I went down stairs and saw him talking with the lads. I went up to him and tapped him on shoulder. He turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. I think I started blushing becuses he asked if I was embarrassed about something. It took me for ever to work up the courage to do this. I told him I had to tell him something. Their were butterfly's in my stomach now.


I stopped reading the book when I heard a knock at my door. I said, "Who is it?" The person answered back, "It's Harry can I come in?" I started to freak out I couldn't let him see me with the book! I said, "Hang on a second." Then I started to scan my room for a place to hide the book. I opened up my draw and hide it under my shirts then went and opened the door.

Harry was standing their leaning on the frame of the door. I said to him, "Yea harry what's up?"   Harry cleared his thought then said, "Were getting the cake and presents out I think you batter come down stairs now." I waited for him to say before Niall eats all the cake. When I reside that he wasn't going to say I put on a straight face then said, "Okay I'll be right down." He shook his head okay then headed down stairs.

I followed him down stairs after finding a better hiding place for the book.



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