i cant change

This is a Larry Fanfic so if your an elounor shipper dont read !


1. chapter 1

**louis pov**

Harry was my boo. I was Harrys boo. We loved each other. We were giving out little hints we were gay for each other. We were getting matching tatoos, Etc. Me and Harry were kissing so passionatly it became a little heated. "No time for hickeys now babe." i said. "Lou. Just one" "fine but ill have to say el did it..." "im ok with that" "k" they were using my best friend eleanor for a publicity stunt. Sad but true manaement called "Lou why cant you like VAGINA? V-A-G-I-N-A YOU GAY CUNT" i didnt really care what they said because i was happy with harry :) i had to meet up with eleanor. i didnt really want to but i had to go to management bc they pretended it was her house. we went to starbucks and drank a few fraps. "so when do you and harry come out?" "idk we wanted to next week." "you sure?" "no" "youll still have fans" "ik  but i dont want you to get hate" "lou ill be ok bffs forever right? youll always be there for me and ill always be there for you" "i know im just scared you already have a boyfriend and ill already feel bad bc you cant be seen with him." "ik" management called again "LOUIS I WANT YOU TO PURPOSE TO ELEANOR!" "what??" "yes do it by next week!" i hung up and was cursing under my breathe. "what happened lou?"
 eleanor said "were getting married."

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