Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


7. 7.History Kid

Quinn's POV:

"Quinn, can you go buy some food from the market?" Mum asked.

"Okay." I answered swallowing my cereal. Allie had to help my Dad with something so I had to by my own. The wind blew softly. I knew I was safe. As I walked to the market bought the stuff that was on the list. I carried the bag and walked back home. I past Prior Rd and saw a family moving in. There was a boy that had blond hair, and blue eyes. He was carrying a white book. I walked up to him.

"Hi. I'm Quinn Stone." I held out my hand and he shook it reluctantly. 

"I'm Devin Ruins." He said.

"Can I see your book?" I questioned.

"Yeah. It's blank so I don't know what to do with it." He shrugged, handing the book over to me. I opened the book and on the front page it said, "The Past, Present, Future."  

My instincts I gave him back the book. He introduced me to his parents and I invited him to my house. I walked home and told Allie, Mum, and Dad that he was coming. When they left for work and James came over. I told them everything. There was a knock on the door. I opened it and Devon came in holding a box.

"Hi." Allie said.

"Hey." James said.

"What's in the box?" I questioned.

"It's a book, cloak, and key." He said.

"A key!" James said.

"Can we see we stuff?" Allie questioned.

"Yeah." We went upstairs to the bedroom. Allie got the books and I got the cloaks. James held the keys and we sat down. Devon opened the box and there was a book, cloak, and a key that had a white ribbon.

"Do you know what this means!"James exclaimed.

"No I don't." Devin said.

"He is one of us. The Past, Present, and Future. Or as I call him for short the History Kid." I whispered.

"You are one of us. We need to find the second person." Allie said.

"How did you get this stuff?" James questioned.

"My grandfather gave it to me when I was little." He said.

"Come on. Follow us." I said putting on my cloak. It was getting dark so we got the books and wore the key around our necks. We went in the woods. The wind guided us back to the spot.

"Devon let me see your book." James asked. He handed James the book. James opened the book and it had writing on it. The wind whispered to Devon about something. We went to find something that was here but nothing. Devin opened his book. I saw him walking over to a hollow tree stump.

"Hey you guys. Come here." We ran up to him.

"What did you find?" Allie questioned.

"This." He picked up a book that was the color black.

"Does this mean we need to find the fifth person?" I said to the wind.

"Yes you have to."

"Can you take us there?" James asked.


"Why?" Devin questioned.

"It's in the book." We exchanged confusing looks. We went back home.


We ran upstairs then came back down.

"Where we're you guys?" Mum questioned.

"We were at the new families home. They just moved in today." I said.

"That was nice, but you guys could have left a note to let us know." Dad said.

"We know Dad. We're sorry." Allie said.

"Go to bed. It's late." Mum said. We went to bed. The next morning Mum and Dad didn't have work so we went to Devin's house with James and his aunt. We walked up to his porch and his mum opened the door.

"Olivia! Greg. Oh Liz! Nice to meet you again." Mrs.Ruins said.

"Again!?"The four of us said.

"Yes again." Dad said.

"So How long did you guys know each other?" Devin asked.

"A very long time." Mr.Ruins answered.

"You guys go in the back. Allie. James what do you guys have in that box?" Mum asked them.

"Nothing. It's just empty." James replied. They went inside. We went to the back and in a big fort covered with trees. James and Allie opened the box and gave us the stuff.

"Why are you called the past present and future?" I questioned.

"My grandpa said the book can tell the past present and future. It won't say your death though. I wish it could." He said

"You know that you will break the space time-continuum. Right?" Allie said.

"Yeah. Right . . . I knew that." He said closing his book. Me and James giggled. We kept on talking.

"Allie! Quinn! James! We need to bo home!" I heard Dad yell. We hurried and put everything in the box.

"Bye Devin." I said then left.


The days past and we can't find the fifth person. I keep thinking that this was all bluff.

"Allie. How are we going to find the fifth person if there isn't one." I asked.

"I don't know. We just can't give up like Mum, Dad, and Liz though." she said. I went upstairs to look at the book. I kept on flipping through the pages and saw a picture. There were five people wearing the cloaks in the woods fighting a mad man in a bowler hat. At the bottom of the picture was a little description of what was happening in the picture. Five people among us will end this plague forever. I kept those words in mind and the four of us continued trying to find the fifth person.

"Where can that person be?" Devon whined.

"First of all stop whining and second of all. Did you guys wonder how the book got there in the first place." James questioned.

"I just followed this thing in the book." He said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" James asked.

"He is past present and future. Duh." I said.

"Oh, but you should've still showed us it." James said.

"Sorry I thought you guys knew about it." He yelled.

"Oh well we didn't know!" James yelled back.

"Ugh. JUST SHUT UP WILL YOU!" Allie screamed. I jumped and they both turned around.

"Sorry Allie." James said.

"You guys better be. We could've been in big trouble if we got caught by you two yelling. Come on we have to fide that person." She said. I cracked up.

"What's wrong with you?" James questioned.

"You are listening to Allie and she is only 15 years old." I said laughing. Allie and Devin laughed. James crossed his arms "You guys are mean." he said acting like a four year old. The laughter died and we went to the market. Allie stopped making the three of us fall.

"Shh." She pointed to a guy talking on the phone. We hid when the guy looked at our direction.

"Yes boss. I will find those kids and when I do they will never set foot in this town again." The guy said in a deep voice. He ended the call and we acted like we heard nothing. Until Devin sneezed and the guy came up to us.

"What did you kids hear!?" The guy said. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a goatee.

"N-n-nothing sir." James stuttered.

"If I catch you guys again you'll be sorry." He left and we ran to Devin's house.

"What just happened?" James said panting.

"Why was that guy saying that he will find those kids meaning us!" I questioned.

"The books." Allie ran out the door and came back five minuets later she came back all tired. The black book wasn't blank. We didn't open it until today.

"Do you guys think that we should put it back tonight and stay there if anyone comes?" Devon asked. James, Allie, and I thought about it.

"Okay. That's a great idea. We go out tonight" Allie said. We all agreed and went home.


The four of us walked into the woods. Devin placed the book down in the hollow tree stump and we hid behind the trees and bushes. I climbed up a tree to keep an eye on the stump. I was getting tired. I heard some rustling in the bushes. I looked at the others where they were hiding. A dark tall figure came out and took the book from the hollow stump. They lifted it up from the stump and ran. I climbed down the tree and we ran after them.

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