Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


6. 6.Barn Moonlight Readings

James's POV:

A couple of days passed, until we found out the three keys. I thought about how the books were blank. This had been plaguing me for the entire time. The clock chimed, signaling that it was eleven.

I pushed the curtains back, and moonlight streamed onto the book. The pages had words. The words shimmered purple and I pulled it away. The pages were blank, again.

I got the box and stuffed the book and cloak into it. I snuck out to Allie's and Quinn's house past the old barn that was between our houses.

I knocked on the door three times. It was our secret code. The door opened and I came in.

"Allie! Quinn! Get out the books. Now!" I yelled as I ran upstairs to their room.

"Why do we need the books out?" Allie yawned. They were both in their pajamas.

"They shine in the moonlight. Look." I snatched their books and and mine out then yanked open the curtain. The words appeared in purple then turned black. I gave them the books back and I opened mine.

The Plague

As years past over the town. The curse came clear. As the prophecy was told. 5 people will save this town. Blue: Cunning and Skilled. Red: Smart and Reasonable. Yellow: Curious and Questioning. White: Past, Present, and Future. Black: Honorable and leader of the four. They need to join together and end this. For life itself will be ruined if they failed.

- W


Allie's book:


Answers. Everybody wants answers! For this town may die with sorrow and guilt. I write the five books as to be held by the five. The answers will be told if forgotten by the people and lies with them till death. I will give this book to five people that are worthy to face the danger, sadness, and trying to find out who did this to the town many years ago. The answer that will be told by the five books joining together as one.


Quinn's book:


We all have problems, but the ones that were forgotten will be lost.The people that have problems. Lost of loved ones. Finding out that your family are blaming you. People thinking that you are small and dumb because of your age. We all have problems that will never go away.


"Is it weird that at the end, it's signed W?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah. It's weird." Allie said.

"We need to find the other two people and quick." I said. We got our cloaks and went outside.

"Come on!" Quinn whispered. She dashed ahead of us, towards the back woods.

"Where are we going?" I called after her, trying to catch up.

"In the woods. We need to find something. I can feel it!" She lead us into the woods. We went into every which way. The 

"We're getting closer!" She yelled.


It was like 39 min. until we reached the spot.

"I can feel it here." Quinn said.

"Ow!" I looked at my right wrist. It said: It is here.

"Quinn did you hear that?" Allie questioned.

"No? What did you hear?" She asked.

"It said that something is here." Quinn said.

"James are you ok?" Allie asked me.

"My wrist. It says that something is here to." I said. The wind blew harder then last time.

"Help us! Save us from the plague!" The wind whispered.

"The plague?" the three of us said in union.

"Yes the plague. It happened long ago." The wind whispered.

"Can you tell us what happened?" Quinn asked.

"Yes. Sit down and I will tell you." The wind said. We sat down on a decaying log and the wind started telling the story.

"It started on a mid summer day. A stranger moved in these parts. The people called him a mad man. A warlock. Even a killer. He stayed in his house for a long period of time. One of the towns people saw smoke rising from the chimney. It was purple. It filled the sky. Like today it is still like that. Some of the people will see him digging holes and filling them back up. It was time. The people gathered a mob and went to the strangers house. They gathered pitchforks, and their torches. The stranger was on his porch. As the towns people came up to him he recited the words from his book and those very words were, 'By this town on this day that I die. I, William Edger the III, cast a spell on this very town for your entire lives.' Now that was the start of Riverbank Hedge being all plagued and other stuff. I will guide you guys back home. Remember the name of William Edger the III." The wind guided us back and I we parted our ways. I went inside and Aunt Liz was nowhere. I went to sleep after I ate pizza.

At the Barn.....

"We can't tell them yet Olivia." Greg said.

"We have to tell them or-"

"Or what Olivia. They will get killed because of us!" Liz yelled.

"Fine I won't tell them." Olivia said. There was rustling outside of the barn.

"We're being watched." Olivia whispered.

"Liz don't speak this to anyone, not even the kids. Just don't say a word." Greg said. The three of them said there goodbyes and went their separate ways.

"I found them boss."

"Great. If any one get in your way feel free to kill them."

"Yes boss."



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