Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


31. 31. Year of the Town Explosion

Jack's POV:

People started celebrating because it was the day that the founder, Frank Hedge, found the town on January 5, 1802. We walked through the crowd of people. 

"Where are the parents?" James asked. 

"Inside the house." I said. Music was filling up the air, stands were set up, and people were walking around enjoying them selves. The parents came out and we all started the celebration.


BOOM! Everyone turned around to see what the sound was. It was an explosion. I ran to the podium and grabbed the megaphone and said.

"It's okay everyone they're just getting the fire works ready." They went back to what they were doing.

"Come on!" We grabbed our books when Felix stopped us.

"You guys would need some help if one of you get hurt." He said. 

"You can come." Devin said. We went into the woods after getting the books, cloaks, and the keys.


Felix was behind us talking to Devin. I smelled smoke. 

"We're close." The sky was getting dark while we walked slowly to a clearing. In front of us was Jonathan Kemp and right between us was a vortex.

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