Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


23. 23. First Trial

Allie's POV:

I continued walking west. I pushed some of the branches out of the way to see a cabin. I ran to the door and opened it to see it abandoned. I walked in. The floors were creaking each step I took. While I was walking I bumped into something. The flashlight fell out of my hand. I couldn't find it so I got up. I looked at the table. 

"What is this?" I said to myself and pulled the dusty sheet off. It was a red button with spider webs covering it. I took out the map and looked at it. Devin was were I was. I looked down at the button and pushed it. The floor below me started breaking apart making me fall.


I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I got up. It was like I was in a room with metal walls. 

"Welcome Allie Stone. This is the first trial. At the end you will find your friend," a woman said. "The rules are life and death. Good luck." I turned around to see many things. This is the first trial. I thought.


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