Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


18. 18.Titles

Allie's POV:

Dad told us to sit on the couch and hold on tight.

"What do you mean hold on tight?" Quinn asked.

"You'll see." he pressed a red button and the couch went down. It was like an elevator, but as a couch and it was faster. We got off and saw mum talking to Paul. She got up.

"I talked to Paul and he confessed that he shot Theodora." Quinn was holding the stuffed dog even tighter.

"Did he say anything else?" Dad asked. Mum and dad started talking and we sat down on some chairs.

"Do you think Devin and Jack will come back?" Quinn asked.

"I think so, but lets hope."


We were at home and mum told me to get some ingredients from the market. She gave me a list and I put it in the book. I went outside and walked down the road. While I was walking I tripped and the book went out of my hands. I went to pick it up. It had words now.


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