Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


17. 17.Paul

Quinn's POV:

Me and Devin had to pick something up for my mom.

"What was the thing that your mom want us to pick up again?" Devin asked.

"A cake for Allie's birthday." We got to the bakery and opened the door.

"A cake for Olivia Stone." I said.

"Just wait here while I get it." The guy said. I sat down at a table. The door opened again.

"Oh um I would like a brownie to go please." A guy with sunglasses said in a deep voice.

"Okay what is your name?"

"Paul Chambers." Paul!

"That guy is Paul." Devin whispered.

"I know. Do you think I'm deaf?" I whispered back. The cake was here.

"Here you go." I gave him the money and Devin carried the cake.

"Why do I have to carry it?" He asked.

"Because I'm weak. I also don't want to carry it." I said. He didn't say anything. I turned around to see no one. The box was on the ground. I opened it. The cake wasn't damaged so I picked it up.

"Really funny Devin! You can come out now!" I called. No answer. I walked back home and set the box on the table. Allie and James came in.

"James. Allie I think Devin was captured." I said.

"What! How?" James asked.

"Well we got the cake for Allie's birthday and we were walking. Then he was whining why he had to carry it so I had to tell him that I was weak and I didn't want to carry it."

"That doesn't answer the question. Can you get to the point?" Allie said.

"Fine. When there was no answer I turned around to see no one just the box on the ground." I was done and waited for them to say something. Allie had that look on her face and started pacing around back and forth like on the night we found the yellow key, I think it was that night. I can't really remember.

"Do you guys think it was Paul?" James questioned.

"Speaking of Paul. I know his last name." I said.

"What is it." They both said by practically spitting on me.

"Paul Chambers." I answered.

"So his name is Paul Paul Chambers?" James said.

"No. It's Paul Chambers." Allie hit James in the back of his head.

"Ow!" They started fighting.

"Mom! Allie and James are bickering again!" Did I just say mom? I thought.

"Stop it! Quinn I heard the whole thing and I want you three to stop doing this. It is getting to dangerous." mom said.

"Your mother is right and James your aunt needs you."

"Okay. Bye." James left.

"Okay then. Do you guys know who Paul Chambers?"

"No. Why?"

"Because me, Devin, Quinn, and James think that he is the one who is doing all of this. I think I speak for Jack also." Allie said.

"Greg. Inform the government and everyone who we work with about Paul Chambers. We need a talk."

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