Riverbank Hedge

Sisters Allie and Quinn move to a small town called Riverbank Hedge. But when they arrive, they are thrust into a mystery that has plagued the town for so long. With a past that extends to them and their family, they are determined to solve it, along with some help.

Can they figure it out, before they get found out?

A total of 17781 words.


11. 11.The Woods

James's POV:

We were running in the woods. Books in our hands and the keys around our necks. I tripped over a root that was sticking out of the ground. Jack helped me up.


"Stop dilly dallying and follow me!" Allie yelled. We started running. As she slowed down we came upon a cave.

"Why are we here?" Quinn asked.

"Just look." Allie pointed to the cave markings. There was an owl, a bear, a rabbit, a robin, and a raccoon fighting a dark shadowy figure.

"Why are you here?" someone said behind us.

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