(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


9. Some Things Never Change…


Some Things Never Change…

The torrent of heavy rain continued to outlast the remaining strengths I had left. As I stood there with my hood starting to attach to my gelled hair. The weather had not forgotten anything that happened in a moment I liked to call… The moment of dull, it was an interesting name for such a terrible outcast. Although this weather maybe brightening my future a little. It’s nice to see that the rain and the storms are filling up my potential to get rid of Cody. As if the weather is talking to me in sound, each drop of rain sprinkling over my clothes, maybe… Na- It’s too complicated, and hardly possible right? (Asking myself this, it didn’t work too well. I felt myself being reeled in)

Although the call Cody made to me had ended. I wanted to make sure that this weather would continue. As weird as it sounds, I believed that someone or something is communicating with me. Sound and taps of rain droplets making music to my ears, it felt normal to me. And for others, it wouldn’t feel so normal. Before I could catch my breath from the pain leaving it’s after effects behind, I managed to feel something for a human being. “Isabella, she isn’t a bad person. Although, she is misjudged and possibly mislead.” My conscience started to tell me different things. Words that connected to Isabell. I thought she was gone by now. I guess not, and if that’s going to be a change. I’m a little freaked out from my mind believing in weird events.

‘C-Connor, your names Connor right?’ A voice whispered, it sounded a little like Isabell at first.

As I turned to face the sound linking to a face. I lifted down my hood with caution. ‘Yes, my name is Connor. What’s it to you?’ I asked, with the cheekiness stretching my mouth wide open.

‘Good, and your cheeky attitude is not to be liked. Especially by me.’ The voice replied. How the heck did she know I was being cheeky, I thought I hidden it so well…

‘Aren’t you cold-‘ I whispered. My voice tingled from the ice cold winds flowing around the road.

‘I don’t care about that Connor. I want to know something, that’s all.’ The voice replied. As I looked the person in the face, I finally realised that it was a female. A younger girl, what’s she doing out here alone?

‘Alright, Alright. What about your father is he-‘ I tried to talk.

‘Shut up! – Don’t talk about the deceased… I don’t like it one bit’ the young girl shouted.

‘Then… What do you like, exactly?’ I asked with a sense of wonder about this younger female.

She looked at me with her dark hassle green eyes. Her short blonde hair lowered onto her drenched back. She looked tired, judging from her eyes closing every once and a while. I heard her yawn a few times too, just before she could say her next sentence. She had taken some kind of tablet, or pill…

‘W-What did you just put in your mouth?’ I asked, I wanted to know so much about her. Still unsure why I cared so much about a young stranger.

‘Connor, The questions you’ve asked me… he-he, they don’t seem to comply with what I was expecting’ she whispered. Her voice soothed my mind. As I focussed on her eyes.

‘N-No… Then what did you expect…? Huh!’ I asked with my cheekiness still gasping for air.

She turned her skinny body to face a building. It looked a little like a massive flat, her eyeliner had flown to her eyelids, some dripping onto her most likely ice cold hands. ‘Are you going to-‘ I asked. Her nod interrupted me from speaking any further. I offered her my second jacket, she looked like she needed it. And it reminded me of why I needed a second jacket in the first place…

‘Your very kind C-Connor… but I can’t just accept random gifts from strangers… mummy taught me’ the young girl replied. Her noble attitude made me see a different side to her. Along with me seeing a different side to the ones I still have as friends.

‘K-Kid… I know your young and that, but do you want me to take you back to your house?’ I asked, my voice sounded sour. What the heck was I saying, if I were young? I wouldn’t go back with a complete stranger, especially someone I hardly knew…

‘He-he… Never mind that Connor, I’d rather sit out here. Something about this place keeps me a little… Well unstressed’ the young girl replied.

Her noble personality kept me interested in why she would be so noble. What the heck, out here alone… Not wanting to go back to your real home, is she afraid to face the music or something… I don’t get it, why is she here for so long. She doesn’t have a single care in the world…

‘I’ll be seeing you around kid… Maybe, I can’t keep promises too well… Ha-ha, even ask my- oh yeah… never mind’ I whispered. I tried to make a little joke, until I realised that person is gone.

‘A-Alright Connor, see you around too. I just don’t plan on seeing you with a second jacket he-he’ she giggled. As I walked away, I felt gutted for trying to make such a joke…

Further down the road, and I noticed the weather had been a little iffy. Some of the dark stormy clouds had faded away, I could see white puffy clouds invading the spaces left in the semi-dark blue sky. *** Ring, Ring *** - a sound could be heard. I checked my pockets immediately. ‘Oh great…’ I whispered. *** Answered Call ***

‘What do you want now?! IS IT ALREADY TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO BEDDY BYES?!’ Cody laughed. His voice started to really irritate me. Although his attitude and sense of humour didn’t amuse me one bit. I felt lost in a vortex, and wanted to stay lost…

‘B-Bed time… Cody? Is that what you were trying to say, ha-ha. I see your intelligence doesn’t exactly well mark up-to date…’ I joked. My voice sounded soothing to myself, what a BLAST.

‘Ha-ha, I see how it is Connor. Intelligence, brains versus brawl. Makes perfect sense, tell you what… Since I’m feeling a little well… Noble, would be the word to use right now-‘ Cody said.

‘N-Noble…! You wouldn’t know the word noble, not to mention the freaking meaning! – You wouldn’t know crap. So shut up Cody, and go back to bed!’ I shouted loudly.

‘Careful Connor… You’re starting to hurt my feelings, ha-ha. Just come on brother, why don’t you clear me out once and for all. And if that doesn’t put the cherry on your cream, how about you face me with… I don’t know, something useful, I guess…’ Cody mumbled. His voice sounded irritated by something.

*** Cody ended the Call ***

“That idiot… God, why can’t he just go back to working…?” My mind had other thoughts, mostly thinking about Cody’s noble act. Until I remembered that younger girl, she was a noble person. Although, what difference does that even make? – It’s not like trip down to memory lane… It’s a joke, that young girl is just one big FAT JOKE. No wait, maybe I’m overlooking this, I should just go back and speak to someone who cares…

I rotated myself around, back to facing the opposite side of the road. ‘Hey! If your still there, I’d like you to raise your hand, just raise it so I can see it!’ I shouted.

No reply… Not even a sound of movement, I couldn’t believe that she had just walked off like that. ‘C-Connor… Is that you?’ A voice asked, it sounded afraid.

‘Yeah, and is that you… erm… younger girl?’ I asked. I felt like an idiot for calling her something, I should have called her by her name. “Way to go Connor…”

‘My names Kacey… And I don’t like it when someone shouts that… So, please just stop coming closer – and walk back the way you came. I don’t want you anywhere near me… Please, just go away!’ Kacey shouted, her voice sounded even more afraid. Until she screamed and rattled my eardrums.

‘Why… I thought you wanted me to see you around, let me guess… Don’t know the meaning huh?’ I asked, my selfish side got the better of me. As my temper started to boil.

No reply once again… It was just the sound of thunder starting once again. ‘Why can’t you go back?’ Kacey replied. She still sounded afraid, although I could tell she had some kind of confidence inside.

‘I-I can, It’s just… I don’t want to go back, I sort of have… Business around this area’ I replied, a gutted face kept her interested. (Wow, she really is a hard girl to please)

I turned to face the opposite side of the road again. I held my hand out from across the road, I could finally see some movement. Kacey slowly flinching towards to the end of the pavement. Her brief movement kept my eyes focussing like a spider. More like a jumping spider, just deadly focussing on prey. Although she was more than prey, she had been a little misunderstood…

‘Back to prison Connor?’ Kacey asked, her voice sounded more confident than before.

‘Ha-ha, no… why did you ask that?’ I replied, my voice lowered into a tone more forgiving.

‘B-Because… That’s where I knew you, and that’s how I found you. Sorry for filling your head with all this, I’m not even that young Connor. Just a little small for my age, that’s all. I’m 16’ she replied.

“Wow, I treated her like a kid. She really must hate me after that.” ‘Why are you talking about prison?’ I asked. I must have ignored her the first time.

‘Forget about it. And it’s because you caused trouble, I’m surprised you’ve forgotten… Why is it with people? They think they can just start a clean state, and act like the crimes they’ve commit hasn’t done any damage to the world. Or even to the living beings on this planet!’ Kacey bellowed.

‘I-I’m sorry… Your attitude is starting to make me wonder more now… - Just forget about it yeah, I’ll continue you my walk, see you around’ I replied. My nervous brain started to feel different.

As I took a next step following the pavement, Kacey jumped across flat on the floor. She had blocked my path, not long before screaming…

‘I know you Connor! – And I’m sick of you… And I HATE YOU!’ She screamed… “What the f*** is she on about…? Why is she so annoying!”

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