(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


6. Shallow Endings


Shallow Endings

(Before you read this next chapter, I would just like to say: Spacing out the Dialogue, to see whether it’s better) – Please let me know in the comments, whether it’s better with Dialogue spaced out.

Watching James slowly slip away. It reminded me of why me and Lust get on so well. It was like watching spilt water slide down into a drain. No escape, sort of… James may be forgotten from others, apart from his family. The ones that live on the edge of town, it was a shock really. Did I actually just put James out of his misery, or have I committed a serious crime? “Think…” I thought. Maybe I’m a little insane when it comes to saying good-bye to people. Especially when you need to feel guilty for taking away someone’s life. What a tragedy – I’ve really messed up this time…

‘The wires are snapped’ I flinched. My arms were shaking from the sudden chill running down my spine. I could feel James’s breath increase the warmth in my body. It’s like seeing a ghost, right?

Cody was next, and James was supposed to be last. ‘Lust, what have you done?’ I asked. No response was given, just the sound of a river rushing across the sludge. I watched James sink, so maybe I’m not a bad person. I left him to die, so wouldn’t that make me a… coward? I haven’t a clue what I’ve done, and I don’t even feel like diving in after him. ‘I’m sure his sunk…’

Before having to head back and act like this night didn’t happen. My body had fallen to a weaker side, my eyes rinsed the pain away, and small blobs of tears sank into my fragile skin. Whether Isabella is ever going to forgive me for my mistakes… I can’t end up on the line, and forgive myself so easily… Lust had caused red liquid to spill, and I’m left making the choice whether I should just forgive myself… play happy families, and try to put my life back on track?! – Yeah, like that’s going to happen. It would be a wonder whether or not I survive the next night. James was a bad person!

‘H-Hey…’ a voice whistled through the grass. ‘W-What?’ I replied, my voice felt broken. As I turned to face my surroundings, I had spotted a figure lurking in the darkness. ‘Connor… why are you here?’ The voice asked me, as I got closer. I walked a few steps towards the voice’s location, and the voice had now changed into a woman’s voice. ‘Because I’m sick of you!’ I shouted, hoping that this strange woman would disappear. ‘O-Oh, and what happens if I don’t… Connor?’ The voice said my name.

‘I-If… you don’t, I’ll be sure that you do!’ I bellowed. – ‘Well we will have to see what you decide, how about you start with an Apology!’ The voice screamed. ‘Isabella-‘ I whispered. In that moment of silence after I had spoken, a loud voice broke out through the hedges. ‘YES… It’s me!’ She screamed. The guilty side of me started to kick in. The love of my dreams now stood in-front of me… She asked why I were avoiding her. ‘Avoidance is a key element to giving you space’ I replied.

She giggled with a strange coloured leaf in her left hand. ‘Why don’t you stop going geeky on me… and tell me the truth!’ She urged. Like it even matters. ‘B-Because I wanted to pick you some flowers’ I replied. It was my random answer… ‘Ha-ha, and you expect me to believe that?!’ Isabella shouted loudly. ‘O-Okay… fine! I was with Lust…’ I lost my temper. Why are you so annoying? ‘Who the heck is Lust babes?’ Isabella asked me. ‘N-Nobody…’ I replied with a deep voice. ‘W-W-Well… I’m off, it’s freezing cold babe, I’m going to go get something to eat.’ Isabella replied, her blue eyes shined through the night’s darkness. ‘Have a safe-‘ I tried to talk. Yet the guilt had taken my voice.

On the ground, on my two knees looking at the bright lunar moon. I watched Isabella’s mother drive her away from the Nature Centre. With all the shining stars flickering above us, whilst I feel helpless. The grass brushed against my kneecaps. As my friend is now dead. I have to move on, I must take on a final friend. A very old friend who means nothing to me, no more. I’d rather have him removed from the planet. – And at that moment, I realised that my attitude has gotten me into trouble. ‘It’s all my fault…’ I whispered. No more voices could be heard, so I started to feel normal again… Whatever that is, I sulked at the stars.

As I looked back down at my shaking arms, my phone ringtone broke through the vowel of silence. Before just falling on the ground in tears, I placed Lust back under my sleeve. As the phone-call had obviously been for me.

‘W-What do you want?’ I asked. My voice sank into muttering.

‘O-h it’s you. Connor, my dear friend’ Cody said. His voice sounded like it had been swallowing a mouthful of candy or something else.

‘Y-Yeah, and I’ve lost James to you Cody. I’ve also lost my love to you!’ I shouted.

‘Ha-ha, and whose fault is that Connor? Do you honestly expect me to reply with gratitude? – Or did you want me to give you a little sympathy for your pathetic lives?’ Cody whispered.

‘Like it matters… I’ve ended one of their lives, and I’ll pay you… if you guess who it was’ I said. My voice went a little high pitched from the cold wind.

‘Un-grown. That’s what I was about to say jerk! – I’m guessing it was the closest person to your heart. Possibly even a family member?’ Cody replied. He sounded serious, and I would be a fool to agree with his little wager.

‘Why don’t you just bust a knuckle or two?’ I replied. My teeth bit my lower lip as I had lost my temper.

‘Boxing… Ha-ha’ Cody mumbled. The phone went dead, as I was left alone outside the Nature Centre.

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