(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


4. Isabella & Lust with Me


Isabella & Lust with Me

Midnight is due now? – What a very disappointing night. Sure, me and “Lust” will have some fun taking down those thugs. And what about Isabella, do I even need her around me? What choice do I have? Me and Isabella planned our little night out over the weekend. And it would be a major disappointment to her, and maybe I’d end up feeling guilty. I thought criminals are supposed to feel guilty, pleading for a second chance. So why am I standing as the good guy, and suffering the same consequences a villain has to go through?

The neat little walkway around Isabella’s house reminded me of my old home. Chiselled concrete and a dose of grass covering some of the beauty in her garden. Dark orange bird huts, with white painted wooden signs surrounding some of the near-by trees. I would say that she loves nature as much as I do. Because the truth is, she really does… she has more of a collection than I’ve ever had, that’s for sure. She fills me in on the newest species found in different parts of the world. It sure is magnificent and more wonderful than an adventure.

Walking up the small hill Isabella’s hill may I add? It was dangerously steep. It’s funny how a small hill can be so dangerous, and thank-fully it was the only steep hill around. At-least, as far as I’m aware of. ‘I-Is that you Connor?’ A voice whispered. The voice seemed to blend with the silent ambience around Isabella’s home. As I turned around to see who it may have been, I was shocked with the result. ‘O-Oh, It’s you. I thought you were Isabella’ I replied, my voice sounded a little grouchy. And I really can’t believe Isabella’s sister is saying my name with politeness.

‘Don’t flatter yourself you creep. You’ll so lucky…’ Isabella’s sister said. That’s certainly the person I remember, a little grouchy. Just like her sister in a strange kind of way, only she was much worse in my opinion. ‘W-What’s that behind your back? Chocolates or something cruddy?’ Isabella’s sister said. The cheek she has, god. I wish she would just leave her home and move else-where. Her long black hair unravelling from around her left eye. I always thought she looked attractive at first, but that was when Isabella first shown her to me. It was a warm welcome, and a cold welcome for others. – Isabella delivered the warm welcome, and I received a chilling cold welcome from her sister. Thanks a lot. ‘Why don’t you run along?’ I asked.

Although I knew her as Isabella’s sister, I never really got to know her name. She was always a little secretive last year I visited. ‘James is a little cutie isn’t he – ha-ha’ Isabella’s sister said. Her slight giggles started to get on my nerves. And the little comment about James being cute… Yeah, like that’s possible. He was more of a let-down, a traitor in my opinion! ‘Ha-ha… yeah, he’s more like douchebag’ I replied. My laugh didn’t seem too sure whether I was actually laughing with her… or possibly just laughing at my sad little self. ‘Whatever’s how about I get you my sister?’ She replied. ‘B-Before you go, why don’t you-‘ I said. ‘W-Why don’t I what? Tell you my name?’ She laughed. How the heck did she know I was going to ask that?! – ‘Predictable. Your bright red blushing shows me a lot’ she giggled. As she giggled a second time, I covered my face with my two sweaty hands.

‘Ha-ha good joke. But seriously, what’s your name?’ I asked. ‘Cindy, and that’s all you need to know’ she replied. She actually made a good impression for a girl her age. Before I could ask what she meant by that, her bratty replies didn’t seem to break my brain. Isabella had shown up, her beauty scarred my eyes with love. ‘W-Wow… you look amazing!’ I bellowed. ‘He-he, thanks…’ Isabella replied. She didn’t seem as excited as I was to take her out on a date. ‘For the record Connor, I’d rather let my mum drive me’ she replied. Well… that was a downer, I had it all planned. A simple walk across the meadows, and a little nature cross near the Cafe. A sulk slapped on my face by Isabella. She certainly knows how to kill the mood of things. ‘Why are you so twitchy Connor?’ Isabella asked, her deep blue eyes sunk into my miserable moody face. ‘D-Does it matter… just drive, and ask your mum to stop at the stupid little house around the corner…’ I replied. Okay, it wasn’t a great reply. Heck, I wish I wasn’t so forward with her. A grouchy attitude like that would certainly knock my happy face clean off. ‘Oh… fine, we’ll just drive you home’ Isabella mumbled.

The sweat on my two pale hands had disappeared. The blushing on my face didn’t show either. Isabella most likely thought it was due to me being grouchy or something… ‘N-No, just drive me to the Nature Centre. I promised I’d be there for midnight’ I mumbled, trying to be honest as much as possible. ‘Whatever, mum. Just stop him off at the Nature Centre’ Isabella said. Her voice was normal, soft toned with her happy face slowly dissolving into a glimpse of sadness. ‘Why are you so bothered about a Nature Centre honey?’ Isabella’s mum replied. The look on Isabella’s face started to twist too many expressions. ‘J-Just do it…’ she whispered, her soft tone really kept me interested in her. ‘Okay, Okay. Just calm down alright?’ Isabella’s mum said; finally making an agreement…

After a long drive around many junctions, and past a few circular round a bouts. – We had finally reached the Nature Centre, Isabella had fallen asleep from the journey to this place. Whilst her mother was the only one that said good-bye to me. ‘Thanks for knocking on for my daughter, you’re a great lad Connor. And I can’t believe you wanted to cancel such a romantic evening’ Isabella’s mum replied. I didn’t say anything back, I didn’t know what to say. “Thanks for the ride, and tell Isabella I’m sorry.” As far as I was concerned that was no turning back. It was just me and Lust, and partly Isabella. A day to remember really, well more of a worst night in our little history…

The dark pitch-black sky hovered over me. A bright full moon with light blooming around me had just broken through the dark clouds. As for the Nature Centre, it looked lonely. Trash just lying on the ground with small rodents nibbling on the ends of fruit cores. And some mice chewing through the half empty litter bags. Even some strange coloured insects, it might just be the dark though. As I walked towards the entrance to the Nature Centre, Isabella’s ruined night echoed in my mind. “It’s all your fault” a voice repeated in my head. ‘And what can I do?’ I asked myself. Speaking to myself is a level of low. How did I drop to low so easily, it had only been a couple of hours…?

The dark rusted fencing around the Nature Centre blended in with the far away hills. It was too dark to see the beauty in the plants around me. I’m sure daylight would make this place look far less creepy. Until I realised that the meeting area is around the back of the Nature Centre. ‘Ha-ha, how about I use this… and we collect ourselves a little payment’ a voice whispered. This was already freaky, and now I’m near a voice that is whispering about payments? It sounded as if this was a planned robbery or something. ‘Alright, then I’ll place this here. And bingo, look at that!’ Another voice said. ‘G-Good job, you’ve won again… damn, I hate this game!’ The first voice shouted.

‘Keep it down, do you want them to find us…?’ The second voice replied. Although they were speaking at such a low tone. I was shocked with what they were doing behind the closed Nature Centre. Instead of just facing them head on, I decided to use “Lust” to my advantage. Slowly peeking around the corner of the fence. I switched on the two oval shaped lasers. As they formed a bright hellish red light. With the shape of a wolf’s teeth opening underneath the ovals. I shined it around the corner with a devious little smile. ‘W-What’s that…?’ A voice trembled. ‘D-Does it even matter? STOP BEING SUCH A BABY!’ The second voice bellowed. The rage in his voice made me feel a little frightened. And thanks to “Lust” – I no longer felt so scared. It was as if my weapon was feeding on fear. And that’s most likely what I believed in. A raging weapon that would suffer the pain of others.

The bright lights shined on their faces. I could just about briefly see one of the male’s figure. And to my surprise it was James. As if I didn’t know already, and as for the second guy. I was shocked to find out that he had bailed out. I made quick ninja like movement around the corner, as I shined the light into James’s eyes. ‘F-F… damn it!’ James shouted. His voice sounded like as if he was being attacked or something. Well he was right, and if I was him… I would run, I would run far away… ‘Stay still you little…’ I mumbled. My voice sounded deeper than usual, I actually felt aggressive towards my old friend. Well, he deserves it. After what he did to me this morning, that weapon from before…

‘L-Let go, get the heck off me!’ James bellowed. He had been pleading for help, and I had him right in my grasp. Taking him out with the claw of Lust. It would do so much damage, although I don’t plan on killing him. I have a better chance of taking him to prison, maybe the police would see a change in me. I’m more than an average citizen acting like a bad-ass. In my opinion, I’m a hero to this world. Well to this part of the world. And I wish that everyone would agree. I wish they’d understand why I do this, and for why I need to take my own friends out for the benefits of others… mostly me though… and I’d even do it for Isabella, she deserves peace of Earth.

My left unarmed hand grasped around James’s throat. As I had my “Lust” weapon equipped on my right hand. One strike and his life would be over… the truth that I had been telling myself plenty of times. It started to show a darker side to me, a side that wanted James to be gone. Not just imprisoned, and to be possibly changed in the future… No-no-no, I’d actually like him removed from the face of the Earth. And taking him out would be a benefit to those who tremble in fear from James and many of my other friends who had gone corrupted with power. ‘Y-You’ll holding me Connor? You’re actually damaging my throat. Kind of like how I did to yours.’ He gasped. His voice started to break as I closed my left hand tighter and tighter.

‘It must be like satisfaction to you or something… feeling the upper hand around you’ He continued. His voice started to imprint memories into my delicate mind. ‘What’s that…? SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!’ The more he aggravated me, the more I wanted him off the planet. ‘And how about we just stop this craziness. You let go of me, and I’ll be damned in your mind’ James replied. Oh I see, he wants to get off easily. A simple tell off, and that’s his lesson learned? I don’t think so… ‘How about NO, why don’t you just face your fear head on?!’ I replied. The rage had taken over my voice, I didn’t sound so delicate. Or even a little startled, I felt powerful. More powerful than I’ve ever felt in years… ‘Alright… hold me tighter then, and then… do what you have to do!’ James screamed.

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