Two Pieces

One Of The BEst Love Story


7. Today Just Got Better

Chapter Seven
-Justin's P.O.V.-
I looked directly at the goal post, breathing out through my nostrils. "Focus, Justin." I muttered, getting into the zone as I moved my arms back before taking a hit a the puck. I licked my lips, smirking slightly as I got into the goal. Practice makes perfect.

I skated to the other side of the rink, looking around as I saw I was the only one. Well, except for Ryan, but he was forced to stay up front since he works here now. He thought he was going to be one of the people that skates around and helps people if they fall or don't know how to skate, but he was sadly mistaken. The manager said he would have to start up front, but he might be stuck there for a wall. Silly boy. At least he gets to leave school earlier than everyone else to attend to his job, right?

I picked up my phone, seeing the time. 2:45. I would be out of school right about now. Why wasn't I in school? Principle Phillips took slight pity on me considering that he knows about my issues at home. "Justin, you need to better control your anger or you are going to end up getting expelled." Those words haunted me. I couldn't let that happen or I would be disappointing my mother and drop out of high school. She said she regrets never going back to school. It's such a shame. I kind of feel like I'm the reason to blame since she was pregnant with me. My mom just wants a bright future for me.

My hand gripped my gatorade, taking a quick drink before taking another turn on the ice. I decided I needed to skate around, let some of the events that happened today get out of my mind. "Stupid Joe Morella." I muttered under my breath. Trust me, I've fully gotten over my pain of Aly Hill after discovering that she's practically dated every guy at her old school in Vancouver, British Columbia. I shook my head, sighing. How could I be so stupid? I should've dated someone like Haley Rose, but I heard that she's dating this football player named Joe. I let a groan slip as I shot the puck with all my might.

After a while of shooting pucks, I heard the door opened as I figured it was Ryan to make sure I was okay. I let another groan slip as I hit the puke, almost ripping the net. My eyes widened, not realizing my true strength. I licked my lips out habit, fixing my beanie.

That's odd. Why hasn't Ryan said a word to me? I turned my head, eyes widened when I saw who was sitting in the bleachers. "Haley?" I questioned, hoping this wasn't a wonderful illusion. I blinked a couple of times, smiling when I saw her wave shyly. "Hey there, love." I smiled towards her, skating over as I leaned my hockey stick against the glass. I looked up at her as I leaned one arm against the the rim made out of wood. "What are you doing here?" I questioned, slightly confused. She really didn't seem like the girl to be seen around her. Well most girls weren't. "Oh, I saw your purple bike out front and wanted to make sure you were okay."  She responded.

My eyes grew, quite shock. She wanted to make sure I was okay? Did she really like me that much? She was just so beautiful. I could never imagine her liking a guy like me. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern. How are you?" I asked her, smiling as I tried my best to impress her with my manners. I knew it would be hard especially since she's taken. "Been better." She said, running a hand through those lovely locks of hers. 

I frowned slightly, hating to know anyone is upset. I especially hate it whenever I can't do something about it. "What's wrong?" I asked, showing my full concern as I put a hand on her cheek and smiled at her. "Come on, beautiful. You can tell me." I whispered, knowing how she was shy when it came to expressing feelings. She was afraid of getting made fun of her and I couldn't blame her since the way society is today. "I don't want to bore you." She said, looking away. I tilted her head towards me, making her look at me as I smiled lovingly. "You won't bore me. I'm here to make you smile!" I said, chuckling lightly which made her smile. Score! "Well, I actually just broke up with my boyfriend." She sighed.

Woah, woah there. Did she just say she was single once again? I blinked as I processed her words, biting my lip as I was in pure shock. This had to be a dream come true! "Well it's his loss." I said, trying to make her feel better. "Hey, why don't you and me head to Starbucks?" She looked at me slightly surprise. "Are you sure?" I nodded and grinned. "Definitely! Just let me go change." I chuckled, kissing her cheek before skating across the rink to grab my phone and gatorade bottle, hockey stick in hand

Today just got better!

*** Author's Note ***

Guys i want you to comment and let me know what you think /.\ i know im bad at this but is my first time . :) Reviews Pls Love You All ❤❤

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