Nialls Child

Niall and Vanessa have a kid named Stacey. in this fanfiction you will learn about Vanessas teen pregnancy and how Niall worked w/ it on tours and such. with auntie Perrie and all the larry drama , all aboard the s.s. crazy tour bus. ;3 ... i
***authors note*** this is my first fanfic so it might be a little weird


5. the tradition

 **Niall's pov**

*2 years later*

It was a tradition for Stacey to go on tour with me. Her and Lux already learned how to walk and talk. Tonight was finally when Stacey can come onstage with me. Halfway through the concert, I see my beautiful baby girl running to me. "Daddy daddy daddy daddy," she squealed. "hey princess. Are you ready to come onstage with daddy," i ask her. Stacey giggles and claps her hands like it was her job. "okay baby, time to go onstage with daddy," i tell her as i scoop her up in my arms. I notice that Zayn was walking with Lux 'how cute' i think to myself'. So we walk onstage and Stacey digs her head in my chest and starts to shake. ":its okay baby. Daddy's here," i tell her so i can calm her down. I said that into the microphone and the crowd started to 'aww'. Stacey realizes how sweet the fans are and she looks at the crowd and sings one of our songs. AS the crowd finishes the song they start chanting 'LET THE BABYS SPEAK! LET THE BABYS SPEAK!' so we do. BIG mistake we did. Stacey and Lux say "uncle harry and uncle louis kissed last night. They wanted to tell you guys but me and my best friend lux wanted to tell you hehheheh" LOUIS AND HARRY KISSED !! **PERRIE POV** .

poor louis and harry. getting so much hate. i decided to take the girls for ice cream and such. :) they went on  a little shopping spree and we got ice cream after and zayn met up with us and took them home. Zayn would make a good dad. But he doesnt want a baby he said lux and stacey are enough. 

**nialls pov** 

i couldnt wait to get home to see Vanessa 2 more concerts then HoMe! stacey missed her mom so for now perrie was her pretend mom for when she went on tour 


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