~ 3 2 1 ~

you have the twin's and then the triplets what happens when both their world collide ?
1 will fall
2 will love
3 will stand


3. new u ?


we walked outside alright smart move Selena . Go somewhere with a new just met stranger .0. i need a neck for that ! gah ! fuck ! bitch slap my self ! 

s: so which one is your car ? 

m: huh ? ohh well which one do u think it is ? 

seriously -.- lets play guess the car mmh must think i looked at him which means his car must be clean and fancy .. 

s: is it that one ? i pointed to a black porsch ( i can't spell that car .o. ! ) 

M: no . that's Harry's, mine is the one parked over there *Points to the silver porshe* get in my lady . 

s: awes cute ;) 


m : okay soo where to now ? 0.0 

s: u must be really new at this ? 

m: that obvious ? 

s: ehh in my opinion yes

god we kept walking and walking  


in total we had 35 bags , and well he looks really different now . i hope this makes him less bullied at school . oh yea ! i present to u the new MARCEL HAROLD STYLE 

yes this is MARCEL ! the only thing missing is his glasses . that's how u can tel the Styles apart . I'm drooling ! god ! did you know he has a 6 pack ! not bad for a geek/nerd right ? i think he's my crush . 

m: hey Selena thank you for your help your a great friend 

a friend .-. i felt my heart slip out chest god 

s: umm yea can u please take me home ? 

m: sure ! i'll pick you up tomorrow at your house okay ? 

i handed him a paper with my address on it . 


"bye Marcel i hope u like ur new look " i said while i opened the car . "thanks love i'll see you tomorrow ! oh one more thing ," i turned to him he handed me a folded piece of paper . he got me ! what is it ? i'm guessing his number . "call me" was all he said before he sped of . wow. i have a strange feeling about this boy . 

sab: hey sis who was that and how was school ? 

sel: HAY ! it was fine and a friend . 

sab: he looks like this guy i saw at lunch his name was Edward . 

sel: oh that's hit triplet his names Marcel 

sab: that's cool so um there's food i'm gonna watch a spongebob Marathon . 

sel: kay thanks ! 

a/n sucky chapter ! 




NORMAL BOY WITH GLASSES ;) ANYWAYS ! NIGHT GUYS !!!!! sorry i haven't updated !

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