My Rock

Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college. He’s popular, outgoing, and always willing to help anyone in need. Harry Styles is an introverted sophomore who receives constant harassment and bullying because of who he is. He doesn’t fit in, he’s shy, has no friends, and no real family to confide in; the fact that he’s gay doesn’t help matters. He’s just a blip on everyone’s radar, floating by, but a punching bag to those who loved reminding him how much of a loser he really was. When Harry was hospitalized months before for a suicide attempt, Louis was assigned to him through the Big Brother program. Will Louis be able to help Harry? Will Harry be able to let Louis in?

A/N: This is my fist fic. I give it a trigger warning because it deals with self harm and suicide attempts and thoughts… there is no actual death


22. Epilogue

"So this is it, love" Louis said as he unlocked the door to their new flat.                                   

Harry was in shock when he walked in to the place already furnished. "I love it babe."

Louis smiled. "Good, now follow me. I have something to show you. I think you are gonna like it." Harry followed Louis down a small hallway. "It’s the last door on the left, go open." Harry did as he was told. He opened the door slowly, admiring everything that he laid eyes on. "Is this whole room mine?"Louis smiled, "yes love." Right before Louis got accepted to uni, harry had expressed his interest in majoring in sociology and becoming a guidance counselor. He said that he wanted to help others like him. "This is your own study area while you are still in college, and of course will be your intern office when you are with me at uni."

"Thank you so much Lou Lou!" harry squealed with excitement as he jumped into Louis’s arms kissing him. "What about you? Do you have a place to study?"

"I do would you like to see?" Harry nodded and followed Louis to the basement. Louis opened the basement door to reveal a room filled with fabrics and sewing machines. "It's a studio. Because I got early acceptance and did all my core classes while I was in college, they put me right into the program to start my fashion classes."

"I'm so proud of you babe. Your dreams are coming true.”

"No Harry, I am proud you," Louis said as he ran his fingers of the old scars on Harry's wrist, "you haven't self - harmed in 3 months." The only response Harry had to that was a smirk before he kissed Louis again. "Hey, aren’t we supposed to do something?" Harry slyly suggested before gently biting Louis’s neck. "We need to christen our new flat.” Louis responded with a reciprocated love bite on Harry's collar bone before taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs to their new bedroom. 

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