My Rock

Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college. He’s popular, outgoing, and always willing to help anyone in need. Harry Styles is an introverted sophomore who receives constant harassment and bullying because of who he is. He doesn’t fit in, he’s shy, has no friends, and no real family to confide in; the fact that he’s gay doesn’t help matters. He’s just a blip on everyone’s radar, floating by, but a punching bag to those who loved reminding him how much of a loser he really was. When Harry was hospitalized months before for a suicide attempt, Louis was assigned to him through the Big Brother program. Will Louis be able to help Harry? Will Harry be able to let Louis in?

A/N: This is my fist fic. I give it a trigger warning because it deals with self harm and suicide attempts and thoughts… there is no actual death


5. Disaster

The walk to the field was awkward. Neither of the boys spoke a word. Yes Harry felt safe around Louis, but he wasn’t ready to share what was inside his head with him. He just met the boy.

                “Hey mate you okay?”

                “Umm, yeah. I am fine.”

They got to the field and Louis kicked the ball back and forth with Harry for a little while in complete silence.

“Can I ask you a question Harry, you don’t have to answer, but I am just a little curious”

“I guess”

“What happened to you today? You know, when I saw you in the toilet.”

“I umm, just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.”

“Does that happen to you a lot?”

Harry looked down and kicked the ball back to Louis. He really didn’t want to answer the question.

“Tis ok, you don’t have to answer.”


Louis nodded. “So what do you do for fun?”

“Umm, I really don’t do anything.”

“Really? You don’t do anything?”

“Well, umm, I guess I play piano and sing.”

Louis nodded and kicked the ball back to Harry. Louis took in what Harry said. He let it sink into his head. He could tell that Harry was uncomfortable with the conversation, but he didn’t know what else to talk about. He could talk about music, because Louis loved music too. That’s exactly what he would do.

“So who is your favorite artist?” Louis asked carefully.

“I love the Articmonkeys and The Script.”

Louis’s eyes went wide. “Really? I love The Script. I went to one of their shows about two months ago. It was amazing.”

Harry smiled. “I did too!”

Louis and Harry continued to talk about music for the next hour or so. Before they knew it, the sun was starting to set.

“We need to get off the field before the football players come and practice, they are kind of territorial over their field.”

Harry nodded and followed Louis off the field.

“Oh, Look what we have here, the fag found himself a boyfriend and thought it would be ok to come to my field to have a little fun” a familiar voice bellowed from across the car park.

Harry looked down too avoid any eye contact. He just wanted to get out of his way. He knew if he stayed he would be about to face yet another beating.

“Styles! Look at me when I am talking to you.”

“Zack, just leave me alone. I am off the field, go practice. I am not bothering you” Harry snapped back.

“Zack is it?” Louis asked snarkely.

“What is it to you mate?”

“Well you see, Harry is my friend now, and I don’t let people mess with my friends. So, if you are done here, you can go to the field and mind your own business.”

Zack laughs. “Styles, the fag has a friend? How much did he pay you?”

Louis grabs Harry by the arm and pushes past Zack. With a quick motion, Zack grabs Harry and punches him in the face. Harry fell back on to the ground. Louis snapped back around and punched Zack as hard as he could in the face, making him hit the ground opposite of Harry.

“I thought I said, no one messes with my friends, but apparently you can’t take no for an answer” Louis shakes his hand out, to rid the pain of the recent contact with Zack’s face.

Zack snaps back up. “and I thought I said I don’t like fags on my field either, but it seems that neither one of you know how to listen.” Zack takes another swing, this time at Louis, but before his fist can make contact, Louis grabs his wrist and knees him in the stomach, making Zack crumple to his knees.

“Now, if you are done here, we will be on our way” Louis snarled, grabbing Harry’s arm and picking him up off the ground.

Harry was in complete shock of what just happened. He had never had anyone stick up for him before, let alone risked getting beat up themselves.

They walked through the car park and up to Louis’s car.

“So mate, did you wanna go grab something to eat. I was thinking about the burger joint over on Ninth Street.”

“Umm, sure I guess.”

Harry didn’t really know what to expect. But he went along anyways. He opened the car door and got it. He sat their quiet as they drove. He would occasionally let a couple of lyrics to “For the First Time” by The Script sneak out past his lips. He turned a light shade of pink when he noticed that Louis was looking at him when he sang.

“You have a nice voice.”

“Thanks” Harry replied shyly.

                “You know, I am in Mr. Russel’s third period advance choir.”

                “So, you sing?”

                Louis laughs. “I guess you could say that.” Louis turned the station and The Fray was one. Louis took this as the perfect opportunity to sing.

                “If I don’t say this now I will surely break

                As I am leaving the one I want to take

                Forget the urgency and hurry up and wait

                My heart has started to separate”

                Harry just looked at the boy in amazement.  He didn’t think he had ever heard someone sing as beautiful as he did. A smile swept across his face as they pulled into the restaurant.

                They got into the restaurant and just talked. They talked about everything and nothing at all. They talked about school and sports but mostly music. They both came to realize that they have tons in common. Music was a big part of both of their lives.

                It happened to be open mic night at the restaurant. Louis tried to get Harry to go up and sing, but Harry kept refusing.

                “What about if I sing? Then will you?”

                “Umm, maybe”

                “Aww, come on Haz, please?” Louis begged.

                Haz, Haz, Haz. Harry liked the way that sounded; he never had a nickname before. “Yeah, I guess. But I get to choose my song.”

                Louis smile and nodded. “Deal!” He went up and chose a “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. Of course, he sang it beautifully.

                It was Harry’s turn. He walked up to the mic shaking.  He was nervous, and yet again another case of the what ifs went through his head. The song started. Harry just stood there and looked down until it was time to sing.

When your day is long, 
And the night, 
And The night is yours alone. 
When you think you’ve had enough of this life, 
To hang on, 
Don’t let yourself go, 
'Cause everybody cries, 
And everybody hurts, 
Sometimes everything is wrong. 
Now it’s time to sing along. 
When your day is not hold on, 
Hold on

Harry walked off the platform and didn’t look at anyone as they applauded him. Both Harry and Louis finished  their meals and left. As they walked out the door they were both full of laughter; they couldn’t stop laughing at all the drunk people who got up to sing.

“Drunk people really shouldn’t sing” Louis laughed.

“Who are you telling. I thought my ears were gonna bleed.”

They walked to Louis’s car and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw it. They saw Louis’s car ruined. His beautiful Mini Coop was now covered in black spray paint with the words “fag” and “gay” all over it. Not only that but also all four of his tires were slashed.

“I-im sorry Louis. It’s my fault” Harry managed to say between sobs.

“It’s okay Haz, you didn’t do anything. I will just call us a cab” Louis reassured Harry as he pulled him into a hug.

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