My Drama Teacher

A new state.
A new school.
New teacher.
Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle falling for her teacher who is only three years older than her?

Find out in My Drama Teacher.


9. Mini golfing *unedited* +Explicit content


   The AC blasted over our skin as I shivered, leading Louis in. He smiled, observing the layout as he kicked his sandy shoes onto the shoe mat.

   "You have a really nice place!" Louis complimented, smiling as I thanked him.

   "So...what do you want to do?" I asked, awkwardly rocking on my feet.

   "Let's go somewhere!" Louis suggested as I sighed, playfully glaring at him.

   "Then why did we come in here?" I asked as he chuckled, shrugging his shoulders.

   "Fine, I'm going to go get changed real quick." I informed before quickly running upstairs and into my room. I quickly pulled on some shorts and a flowy tank top, pulling on my flip flops before I hurried back downstairs.

   "Done?" He reassured as I nodded, lacing our hands. We walked out as I turned back to lock the door, quickly pulling my hair into a ponytail afterwards.

   "So where are we going?" I asked, catching up to him as his arm slung over my shoulder.

   "Hm, how about mini golfing?" He suggested as I nodded enthusiastically. He chuckled lightly, walking down the sidewalk towards his car which was parked in front of his house. The walk was short and the breeze felt good against my newly tanned skin as he found his keys, unlocking the door for me.

   I thanked him, climbing in before he ran around the hood to his own side, hurrying in. He got in, closing the door, but he just sat there.

   "You okay?" I questioned, leaning over to get a better look at him.

   "Yeah, just remembering where the closest golfing place is!" He responded, turning his head so that we looked into each others eyes. A smile turned on my lips, his soon reciprocating my action before our lips touched each other, my stomach fluttering with excitement. I love his kisses. He slowly deepened it, his hand softly wrapped along the nape of my neck as I leaned closer, my hand tangling through his hair.

   "Back seat..." He muttered against my lips as I nodded, pulling away. I unbuckled my seatbelt, bringing my leg up as I placed it on the piece in the middle, climbing into the back. He soon followed, placing his arms beside me so that he hovered over me.

   "Thank God for tinted windows!" He mumbled before hastily pressing our lips back together. My hands looped around his neck as his settled on the curve of my hip, gently massaging them. I used my arms to pull him closer, smiling against his lips as our tongues twirled together.

   His hands slowly raked down my body, back up beneath my shirt, his warm hands sending shivers down my now cold skin. The feeling was like I had stuck my finger into a light socket. It was electrifying. His hands soon found my breasts, pulling my shirts off as he gently rubbed them, letting a silent moan slip from my lips.

   I felt him smile against my lips as my hands began traveling down his toned, muscular back. I allowed myself time to savor the feel of his skin beneath mine before I pulled his shirt over his head. The sight was truly beautiful.

   "I didn't know teachers had tattoos!" I smirked, the tips of my fingers gently tracing over each intricately drawn design.

   No wonder he'd always wear long sleeve sweaters at school...

   Although I knew he had tattoos, I still loved admiring them.

   "I like this one the most!" I smiled, placing my finger on the stick figure riding a skateboard. He smiled, pressing his lips back to mine as I leaned into the kiss. He tugged at my pants, pulling them down as I reciprocated his action.

   Was I really going to allow myself to go all the way? With my teacher?

   Hell yeah!

   "Are you sure?" Louis mumbled against my swollen lips as I nodded shyly. He retrieved his pants, pulling a condom from the pocket as I perched my eyebrows.

   "What? I had a feeling!" Louis laughed as I joined, our laughs mingling together. I took a deep breath, mentally preparing. He pulled my bra off, my underwear next as his eyes turned darker than normally.

   "You're so fucking beautiful!" He spoke against the skin of my stomach, pressing his kisses against my hipbones. My cheeks flushed red as he gently pressed a kiss to my inner thigh. My teacher was going to give me oral. And I was allowing it.

   He soon pressed up against me, as I bit my lip, taking a deep breath. Shivers on happiness coursed through me as I felt his tongue gently slid into me. I squeezed my eyes shut, grasping onto him. He had a pretty damn spacious car. He flicked in and out as I let a quiet moan fall, arching my back in pleasure. The feeling was indiscernible.

   He movements were slow and teasing as he pressed small kisses against me. All to soon, he removed himself from me, moving so that our eyes were level.

   "You're amazing." He whispered, gently urging a finger into me as a moan escaped and I didn't attempt to hide it.

   My eyes fell back shut as he gently added another finger. He eased them in and out, repeatedly curving his fingers so that he hit my G-spot. My lips fell open as silence lingered in the air. Soon his lips were pressed against mine, a third finger pressed in.

   Before I could comprehend how wrong this was, he brought his fingers up to his lips, licking every single one of them clean. Without a word exchanged, a condom was hastily pulled up his length. He found his pants, quickly pulling out a tube of gel.

   "Somebody came prepared." I laughed which actually nervoused me but I pushed the unsettling feeling away. He pulled my hand in front of him, squirting some of the gel into my hand. It was cold.

   "It goes on the condom." He directed as I nodded shyly. I nervously took him in my hand, rubbing the clear, cold gel up and down him. He shut his eyes, biting his lip as a moan left his lips this time. Once it was gone, I let him go as he opened his eyes.

   "Okay, I'll go easy babe." He spoke as I nodded. He lined up with me, gently pushing into me as I gasped in pain, squeezing my eyes shut. Tears left my eyes as he pushed in further.

   "You'd know I'd take the pain away if I could babygirl." He reassured me as I struggled to nod. He stopped, letting me adjust to the size before gently thrusting in and out of me. The pain was strong, but little by little it subsided and was replaced by pleasure.

   Moans were urged from both our lips, our bodies connecting as sweat beads formed on my hairline. He gently knead my breasts, his lips pressing softly to mine.

   "I-I..." I stammered as he nodded, his hair pressed down against his tanned skin. Soon after my stutters, we had reached our high, his name loudly leaving my lips as he spilled into the condom. His thrusts became sloppy until they were no more and he pulled from me. 

   He rolled the condom off, throwing it out the window as a quiet laugh left my lips. I wonder what people would think when they saw a used condom carelessly on the ground.

   "I can't believe I just had sex with my teacher." I whispered, mainly to myself but it was obvious Louis had heard.

   "I'm such a horrible person. I'm horrible. People are right. I'm a slut!" I spoke, my voice faint as tears blurred my vision. Each detail on his beautifully structured face turned into one big, tan blob.

   "Sh, sh. You're fine angel. It's not all on you. I let this happen." Louis soothed as I sobbed into his bare chest. After a few minutes of me crying, Louis gently helped me dress. I could barely move. I was paralyzed with guilt. What if people found out? What if he got fired? 

   "Sh! Stop crying baby, it's going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay." He assured me as I shook my head, sobbing louder. He sat in only his boxers and pants, pulling me onto his lap as he rocked me back and forth. I bent my legs to my chest no matter how extremely painful it was, wetting his collarbone with tears.

   This was wrong. So wrong and I let myself enjoy every pleasuring second of this horrible sin. Despite the small age gap, he was my teacher! What happened if things didnt work out? I would rather die then return to school where things would be awkward between us.

   Instead of mini golfing, Louis took me back to my house where I cried for hours on end.

   The only good part was Louis was there the whole time, gently comforting me.





Sorry if this sucked :) Ive been extremely busy lately hence the long waiting periods! Also Im preparing for high school since Ill be going in three months soo sorry :) Hope you enjoyed and love you :) <3



If you read this all comment your fav song by 5sos! 

Mine is She Looks so perfect, try hard, and heartbreak girl ha :) x

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