Forever With You

Brandy is THE girl at her school, caption of the cheerleading team, quarterback boyfriend, future prom queen. She's got the life. That is until a new boy (Louis) comes to her school and steals her heart away. Read my book to see what happens between them ;)
*note the book starts in the begining of Brandy's senior year*


4. Just Tonight

P.O.V. Brandy

"You didn't have to do that" I said to Jason as he grabbed my wrist and yanked me out the door.

"I did what I had to do" Jason opened his car door and tossed me in

"Jason stop throwing me around!" He got in the car and turned it on

"Why were you talking to him?!"

"What?" He was driving as fast and recklessly as he could

"Louis! Louis Tomlinson. That ass was trying to get in your pants Di! He needs to back off my girl. Mine mine mine!!" 

"Jason slow down! Take me home. I want to go home Jason!" He pressed his foot down and the car sped up "Jason stop the car! You're drunk!" He hit the breaks and the car skidded to a stop. I got out of the car and slammed the door. "Don't call me" I walked away towards my house

"Babe common, I was joking around. Get in the car!" I ignored him and walked away


I shivered as I walked through the rain towards my house, lights from a car shined behind me and the car slowed down


I turned around

"Oh my god, get in the car you must be freezing"

"But I'll get your seat all wet" 

"Just get in!" He said laughing 

"Okay..." I said walking to the other door, opened it and sat down

"You've got to be freezing Brandy!" He reached over and turned the heat on hi 

"Just a little cold haha"

"So where'm I going?"

"153 East Meadow Lane"

"Hey! You're just a couple houses down from mine" 

"Wow cool!"


He drove into my driveway and I opened the door "do you wanna come in for a bit? My parents are asleep."

"Well sure I guess" he said smiling. He parked and then we went inside. We sat on the couch and then he looked at me "So why were you walking home? I thought you left with Jason..."

I looked down "He was being an ass. He was kinda I made him let me out."

"I'm sorry about that..but look at the bright side. We get to hang out now!"

I looked at his smiling face "yeah haha we do, so do you want a tour of the place?"

"Sure!" He answered smiling

I stood up grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards the kitchen "come on!"

"I'm coming! Yeesh"

"Okay this is the kitchen" I pointed at a door "there's the pantry" we walked back to the living room "okay living room, bathroom, front door dinning room" I said pointing to each


"Okay upstairs!"I said pulling him up the stairs "that's my parents room, shh. Guest bedroom, my dad's office" I said whispering "here's my dance studio"

"This is a cool house, but where's your room?"

"Ah that's the best part" I said grabbing his arm again and ran down the stairs

"Where are you going?!"


"You'll see!" I walked behind the stairs with him right behind me


"Wha? Where does this door go?"

"Open it!" He slowly opened the door, probably expecting a musty ghost filled death trap

He opened the door to a green hallway with Christmas lights going down the walls

"Wow.." He said walking down the stairs "this is the coolest room ever


"I know" he got to the bottom of the stairs and saw my giant bed covered in blankets and plopped himself on it "umm excuse me"


"I knew it would be comfortable" I grabbed his foot and pulled him onto my floor, then he pulled me down next to him




"Yeah...but it's funny so I don't care" I smacked him lightly and laughed


"Hey Brandy?"




"You're beautiful" he said and kissed me, I couldn't help but kiss back it was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt and I loved it. I wish this would never ever stop. Then the doorbell rang. I pulled back, and realized what I'd done. I scrambled to stand up, I couldn't look him in the eye. I thought about all the people that could be at the door. If it was Jason I didn't care. I've never felt this way before, and Jason is a jerk!

"You can hear the doorbell down here?"


"Yup!" I looked at him " You might wanna get that lipstick..." He laughed and wiped it off. Then we walked upstairs and went to the door. I opened it and there stood Jason, the biggest buffoon ever "Jason, what are you doing here?" He hugged me tight


"I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean it!" I pushed off "baby?" Just then Louis walked in "what the hell is he doing here?"


"That's our business"


Jason got red in the face "Your business is my business"


I pulled of my promise ring, then pulled his off if his hand "I don't want to be with you, oh and I know you've been cheating on me" I dropped the rings by his feet slammed the door locked it and walked back to my room, with Louis following close behind

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