* I like it at night, when everyone is asleep. When its actually morning, but people still call it the middle of the night. I like to just walk around the house. It's peaceful. It's kind of eerie, but I like the darkness. I probably sound really creepy. It's nice to be alone, but still know there's someone in the house with you. You feel safe, not like when you're actually home alone. You don't have to answer any "What are you doing?"s and you can just… walk around. You don't have to worry about someone staring at you or judging you because it's too late at night for anyone in my house… except me… to be awake. At least I did. Before I died.* So the chapters are really short, but I'll try to update as much as possible. School is about to start back, but I can always make time for writing! Please comment and tell me what you think! There'll be a better physical description in Chapter 3!


2. Good News

*2 Years Earlier*

       I walked the hallways of Tisch School of Arts at NYU with confidence radiating from me. I had just performed a monologue in my drama class that received a standing ovation and tears streaming down every face. The monologue really was sad, but it also meant a lot to me. It was about a young girl who's grandmother was passing away. I was extremely close to my Grandmum and when she died, it felt like my heart was split in two. But her death gave me the strength to move out of Windsor, UK to New York City. I also wanted to get away from all the snooty millionaires in Windsor and live on the dirty, vandalized streets.

       Although, at one point, I was one of those snooty millionaires. Or at least the daughter of two. I got everything I wanted, when I wanted it. I was a little prat when I was young. But then, I got tired of material things. I wanted to do something with my life, not just wait for my inheritance to come rolling in. So, when I was 13 I decided to start taking part in my school drama program. I enjoyed it so much, and made so many amazing friends I took it to the next level and started auditioning for TV programs. I soon realized, however, that it wasn't my thing. I much preferred live theatre.

       Which brings me back to the halls of NYU. As I walked, I saw my best friend, Carter, running down the hall to meet me just like he did everyday after his photography class and my drama class.

       "Freya!" he yelled. "Freya, good news!" I didn't think much of it because whenever he had "good news", it was either one of two things; he found the perfect spot to photograph for his photography class, or our favorite pizza place had mushroom and olive pizza as a special.

       "What is it Carter?" I asked as I flipped my caramel colored, wavy hair that came down to mid-waist over my shoulder.

       "They're having open auditions for Les Misérables at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway next week! They need a new Cosette!"

       I stopped smack dab in the middle of the hallway. I caused a collision of about eight people who didn't notice me stop. Cosette was my dream role and always had been since I first saw Les Mis when I was 15. I was 20, so a good age for the role, I could hit te B flat in A Heart Full of Love and I had improved my acting skills tremendously over the past two years at Uni.

       "Carter, if you're lying to me, I swear-" I started.

        "It's the truth," he cut me off. He continued with a cheeky smile. "Scout's honor."

        "Were you ever even a Boy Scout?"


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