No Such Thing As Sound *Niall Horan*

Marie Arin Euss, or M.A.E for her initials, has been deaf for most of her life. She is usually reading, eating or on the internet. She tries to be social but a lot of people wouldn't want to talk to someone like her. She can talk, yes, but she doesn't remember how her voice sounds. Niall Horan and her bump into each other, she doesn't really hear what he says so she tries to explain, he doesn't really understand because she isn't using the regular volume to talk. So he brings her to a shop and tries to talk to her there, she still talks at the wrong volume. Niall tries to help her through the struggles she is going through, will it go great? Or will something go wrong?


4. Discussion *FILLER*

A/N Hello my sexy beasts! Hehe, I'll just name you guys Darklings, c: So! I updated this because my people are UH MAH ZEHNG. Okay!? xoxo stay strong and beautiful!




Niall's POV


Everyone laughed as Marie's mom threw her into the back seat when the window was open and quickly drove away because it was freezing!


"So, about Marie." Harry said with uncertainty. "Don't tell me you don't like her!" I groan while tilting my head back.


"No! No! That's not it!" Harry waved his arms around and laughed nervously,


"Then what is it?" Liam laughed as he sat down.


"Ni-Niall...Do you fancy her...A lot?" he questions nervously, fiddling with his fingers. "Yeah, I do, but I won't go that fast. Why are you asking, lad?" I ask, my eyebrows furrowing as I cross my arms.


'Oh, I see where this is going." Louis mumbled, scratching his neck and giving me a worried look, "What?" Liam says, oblivious to the whole situation.


"Uh...Harry might fancy her...too...?" Louis shrugged his shoulders and laughed weirdly.


"Oh." was all I said, I stood up slowly while patting Harry's shoulder and walked back to my room.


I heaved a loud sigh as I rested on my bed.


"Harry's going to get hooked up and not me. He always gets the girls.* I grumble while shoving my face into my pillow and screaming into it.


"Shit." I growl as I try to fall asleep.






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