God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


8. Photo Shoot

Alex's POV:
I got dressed in one of favorite outfits. I wasn't trying to impress anyone though. I loved wearing this outfit. It was my favorite. I went outside to start my car. I turned up my music. SuperChick was playing so I had to. The song was Cross the line.
"That's not the secret but I know what is...Everyone dies but not everyone lives..." I mumbled to myself. A few minutes later Nikki finally came outside. Looking to impress.  I laughed to myself. 
"Ready?" I said
"Yes!" She said excited
We headed down the road to the address. We pulled up to a very fancy building. It looked like only certain people were aloud inside. I walked up to the door expecting someone to stop me and say I wasn't aloud to go in. No one did though. We headed inside. How was I suppose to find out where to go? I then felt someone touching my shoulder. I spun around to see Louis.
"Hello. Nice to see you again." He smiled down at me.
"It's nice to see you again too." I smiled back at him.
"Follow me you two." 
We followed him down a long narrow hallway. At the end we entered a large room. Over along a wall were four other guys getting their makeup done. I think they were the ones who were with him yesterday when I got my phone back. He lead us over to them.
"Boys this is Alex, and Nikki." Louis said
"Hi" I said
"Hello" Nikki said
"Hello." Smiled the curly haired boy. "I'm Harry."
"Hi, I'm Niall." The blonde said
"I'm Zayn." The one with gauges said
"And I'm Liam." The one with short hair said.
I looked over at Nikki and she was starring at Liam. I gently bumped to make her stop. 
"We were hoping that you lovely ladies would be in our photo shoot today." Harry said
"Uh...I don't know..." I began
"We'd love to!" Nikki said happily
I glared at her as the makeup artistes grabbed us and started doing their thing. 

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