God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


28. Babies

Nikki's POV

I saw how Lex lit up when she saw the boys. They haven't came around lately. Must have been busy with the others or something... 

I look down at my phone and see that it's noon. Shoot. I have to go get stuff for tonight and I still have to go get her gift!!! 

I pull Niall aside and whisper in his ear "Hey Ni.. Can you and Hazza keep Alex busy until the party...? Because I still have stuff to get and such.. And I have to go get her present. You don't mind, do you??" 

He hugged me and whispered saying that he didn't mind. I pulled away but felt him slip something into my back pocket. I walked off as I smiled at them and told them I'd see them later. 

I was walking on the boardwalk to all of the kiosks. She's been complaining about not being warm enough at night because I always have the air on. I saw this stand that had HUGE two ply blankets for fifty bucks. I hope I have enough. 

I was looking through the blankets and saw a DC Comics one. It had the Batman symbol on one side and Catwoman on the other. She's gonna love this. I grab my wallet out of my purse and check my cash.. I only have $45. Dammit... Ughh. Wait.. Niall put something in my back pocket.. 

I reach in my back pocket and it's a wad of cash.. I count it and it's $500 worth! WHERE DID HE GET THIS?! I put it in my wallet but keep a hundred out to pay for the blanket. 

I grab the bag that the blanket is in, walk to the register, pay and leave. There goes one gift. 

I keep walking and get to another kiosk that has baby kittens for adoption in it! Alex is always complaining how it's too quiet in the house... It's perfect. 

I walk up to the gate that has the kittens sectioned off. There's this cute little kitten that looks like it had lines painted on it. That one comes straight to me when I get over the gate. It's climbing all over my lap and kissing my and biting my thumb.


And there's another on in the corner that is the oddball out. It's mostly black with part of it's face orange. It's just sitting in the corner, sleeping. I found the two I want. 

I turn to the lady that's in charge. "Uhm, excuse me. Can I have this one on my lap and the black on in the corner?" 

"Of course. They've already had their first round of shots. They're free for adoption I just need you to buy a carrier for them." She says as I stand up with the black one in one hand the striped one in the other. They both climb up my arm and fall asleep on my shoulders. 

The lady looks over. "Looks like you found the two that want *you.*" 

I guess I did. I pay for the carrier and a two cute little outfits for the kittens and a blanket for the carrier and put them in. 

They're meowing and it's adorable. 
I go pick up some other things and go home. 


I call over Liam, Louis and Zayn to help me set up the house for tonight. 

Liam walks in and kisses my cheek. "Hey love. I called the pizza guy to deliver 20 pizzas around six. Is that enough..?" 
Holy wow. 20. "Yeah. That should be plenttttty!" I stammer. 

Zayn backs his Escalade up the driveway and asks the boys for assistance in getting the bagillion cases of pop into the house. 

We get all those in and I call the guy about the 200 balloons I ordered earlier and told him that he can bring them over now. There's black, purple, blue, and green. 

We sit down on the couch, admiring our two hours of work when Louis hears meows.. 

"What's that..?" He asks confused.

 I didn't tell them!!! 

"Oh! Hey guys. Meet the new additions to the house." I grab the carrier from behind the table. 

I set carrier on the end table and open it and get attacked by the two babies. 

I hear awweh's from all of the boys. 

"What's their names?" Zayn asks as he scoots closer to me. 

"Well this one, is named Trickster, or Tricky for short. It's a boy." I said as I held up the one for Alex. "And this one is Feather. Because the marking on her face looks like a feather to me." I said as Tricky jumped towards Louis and Feather climbed onto my shoulder, her favorite spot, I'm noticing. 

"They're her birthday presents even though Feather is for me. She's been complaining about how quiet the house has been. I know she missed Buddy." Buddy's her cat back in South Bend. 

"Well, I think they're adorable and she'll love them." Liam said as I picked Feather up and put her on his lap. 

I went to go get something to drink when I heard the door ring. Our guests have arrived! 

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