Whitewillow Creek!

in a young Princesses world, the sky is never the limit. Follow Whitewillow on her journey through the most dangerous parts of her planet, glacia, to find her destiny. She will face the toughest challenges, the biggest choices, the strongest enimies and.... love?


3. The fight

Well this sucks… I’ve only been down here for a few minutes and I’m already lost in a forest of death. Dammit. Ok I’ve been riding for a good 4 minutes and I swear I have passed the same tree at least 6 times. “Oh Come on!” I shouted at the sky and after that I heard some chuckling.

Frantically looking around, trying to find the source of the noise I shouted “Who’s there!?” while drawing my sword and dismounting my horse, It didn’t reply and I felt like I was being watched. At this point I had just noticed how quiet and peaceful this place was. In fact it was almost too peaceful. Then I suddenly heard a voice from behind me say “your new around here aren’t you?”  I smirked. Bad move and then speeding around in a full 360 turn, I attempted to decapitate this mysterious person in one move but it was unfortunately met another blade. For a few seconds I studied my opponent and quickly figured it was a male. He had dark short spiky brown hair and azure blue eyes that seemed to show shock as we locked eyes. I can say I was quite surprised as well for I only knew of one person who had azure blue eyes and that was me. And I only had one azure blue eye, as the other was cactus green. Snap out of it willow! Starting my attack he was caught off guard for a moment, but he quickly regained his position and blocked my attacks. I’ll admit he’s good but not good enough. throwing a few more throws and I swung around again but he ducked just in time. What is he doing?! As I became frustrated I threw more energy and power into my attacks. I jumped back a couple of meters and swung the blade above my head while concentrating all of my energy into the tip of my blade. Slowly the blade lit up a bright golden color and as I swung down, I released all of my energy, just as my father had once taught me while shouting “Thunder shock!” I thought he would be finished with this blow but apparently I was wrong. Somehow my Thunder shock was met by another Thunder shock in an explosion that blew me back at least a mile. As the smoke cleared from the blast all that was left for miles had been obliterated. Panting I got up and flinched as I realized that I must have shattered some of the bones in my left arm. The sword fell out of my hand as I clutched my arm in pain and shouted “HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?” A trickle of blood came out of my mouth as my horse galloped over to me. Briar reared up in shock and she looked like she was going to kill him if he came anywhere near me. Dropping to the ground in pain I slowly blacked out until all I saw was the darkness.


Strangers P.O.V


Wow never would have thought she could do that.  She’s good, I’ll give her that. Well guess I can’t leave her out here. She’d be a good target for demons.


Whitewillows P.O.V


Smoke? Where’s that smell coming from? It’s disgusting. Slowly opening my eyes I realized the smoke was coming from the fire that danced a few feet away from me. Oh damn my head hurts. I tried to lift my arm but found I couldn’t. Realizing no part of my body could move except my head I looked around as I was very vulnerable in this state. Slowly my body relaxed until I heard someone say “about time you woke up lazy” my whole body tensed up and looking to the side I saw him lying up against a close by tree. “What the hell is wrong with my body? Why can’t I move?” I asked raising my voice. “Take it easy kid, your body’s just tired so you won’t be able to move for a while.” “Who are you?” “Alex red, now get some sleep. You should be fine in the morning” he replied. Nodding in response I slowly fell asleep.


Where am I? Oh now I remember. I slowly got up and looked around, Quickly Spotting Briar. Making my way over to her I could feel two eyes trying bore holes into the back of my head. “Take a picture it lasts longer” “where are you headed?” “Why should I tell you?” I replied turning on my heels to look up at him. He was sitting in a tree, with his legs up and hands behind his head like a king. “Cause you owe me” “I owe you?” “Yeah. Who else could have fixed you up?” “Oh right, well ah thank you for uh that, but I’m not really going anywhere particular” “okay let me rephrase that. What are you looking for?”  “nothing important” I replied. “Well if it’s not important, then you won’t mind sharing, will you?” he replied with a smug look on his face that made me want to smack him on the face so badly.  “ahahaha um where are we?” I asked quickly changing the subject.  “Bout 2 hours from the edge of the forest” “so where at the heart of the forest?” “Yup just about.” “Well then I better get going-““I’d be careful out there, there’s a lot of demons out there” he advised. That stopped me. I turned around and asked “ahhh what kind of demons?” “Oh there’s plenty of all different kinds, with the occasional bandit. I’ll say that if you don’t know your way out, you could be dead within a few minutes” oh how lovely, a forest of death that’s filled with man eating demons In which you can get easily lost in and die. just what I need, a day in paradise.

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