You Never Forget

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why they love, or why they rape, or steal. Have you wondered what the meaning of life is? Me too. I wonder things beyond my power or knowledge, things that are mind boggling and can turn the brain to mush if thought about too intensely. This is a story of how the cheesiest of fanfics , can turn into something beautiful how the stupidest fantices can turn into real life. Read if you dare. ( after ch: harry is were fantasies end and life begins)


4. akward

Natalie's pov

We walked into Louis' flat and it was pretty big "wow" I say 

"you like it?" Louis smirks

"yeah but I have a question" I ask

"what is it?" he said 

"ok this might sound weird but, how did you become so rich?"  I ask.  he chuckles as he sit's on the couch in the living room and I stood there awkwardly. 

"you can have a seat..." he says. then I sit down next t him.

"you see i'm in a band."he said  I didn't really understand how being in a band can make you so rich so I just played along. I made an 'ow' face with my mouth. 

"and the reason i'm so rich is that were kinda world wide famous" 

"oh cool" I say "whats your band's name?" I ask

"one direction" he says. that name sound's familiar. one direction, one direction I repeat in my head "one direction!" I exclaim "i know who you are!" I say 

"really?" he say's 

"yeah yeah your that British and Irish boy band!" I say

"yeah" he says "how did you know?" he questions

"well you are world famous." I say 

"true, it's just girls like you aren't usually into boy bands like us"

"well then i guess you'll have to deal with it that I think your music is good" I smirk

"fine" he says in a sassy attitude. I shouldn't feel so close to this guy, I mean I barley know him. maybe he's not what I think he is. So just to be safe I'm going to keep my walls up. I yawn

"are you tired?" he ask's by now it's around 11.00 p.m.

"yeah." I say 

"alright well let me show you the guest bedroom" he say's while leading me to the room. I look in it and it seems pretty nice. 

"ok thanks" I say then smile a little just to be polite. 

"your welcome he say's while staring at me which makes thing's awkward for me. I think he can tell so he stops. 

"sorry" he says.

"it's fine." I say

"so i'm gonna grab you something to sleep in" he says while turning on his heel and leaving the room. I wander what he thinks of this whole situation. he comes back with some sweats and a T-shirt. 

"thanks" I say. there's one question I have to ask before I go to bed so I ask it. "one more thing" I ask 

"what?" he say's  

"if you live in Britain why are you here in new York?" 

"oh that's easy" he explains "you see me and the lads are on our world tour and this is our last concert" he continues. "the reason I have a flat here is because I have flat's like this all over the world that I share with my band mates which are also my best friends. 

"then were is everybody right now?" I ask

"oh..I don't know, they're probably off doing their own thing but they'll be back either later tonight or in the morning." he say's "you'll probably get to meet them." he explains.

"cool" I say.

"yep" he say's 

"well i'm gonna go to bed now...g'night..." I say

"good night." he say's then closes the door. and with that I gradually fall asleep.

authors note

hey guysss! HA! didn't lie I did update today yay! I hate it when people don't update when they say they will, grr. anyway's I know this chapter is sucky but sorry, it'll get better i promise! and make sure to comment ideas I LOVE IDEAS! love you guy's make sure to tell ur friends about my book if you want! ba byyye!


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