You Never Forget

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why they love, or why they rape, or steal. Have you wondered what the meaning of life is? Me too. I wonder things beyond my power or knowledge, things that are mind boggling and can turn the brain to mush if thought about too intensely. This is a story of how the cheesiest of fanfics , can turn into something beautiful how the stupidest fantices can turn into real life. Read if you dare. ( after ch: harry is were fantasies end and life begins)


11. 10. it will change

I bet I tricked you right? You thought this was going to be another one of those stupid fan fictions where the guy meets the girl gets her loses her then gets her back. Were the girl is overly dramatic and thinks she's very witty when she teases the boy. Well I'm sorry but that's not happening. We live in a society of trying so so hard to be normal and fit in. A place were everyone wants to know their destiny and they care, but if your like me then you'll realise that thats not what you want life to be like, you'll realise that life is about not wanting to go anywhere, but everywhere. I'm sorry if i disappointed but this is my story.

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