Falling too Hard

Brittany has big secrets. Who doesn't? But she never thought they would effect her life. It's not until she comes home and finds a man in her room, that she realizes something was wrong. Now her brothers are missing, her mom is dead, and her dad abuses her. She will stop at nothing to find her brothers, her moms killer, and her dad BIG secret. But she starts to lose herself in it all. She changes. Can her new friends help her? Or will she fall to hard?


2. Truth or Dare Disaster

Louis POV

I watched as Brittany walked in. She was really pretty. She was about, 5'6, same as Niall and me. Zayn, Liam, and Niall sat on the couch. Harry sat on the arm chair in the corner. Since there were no more seats, I walked over and sat on Harrys lap.

"HI HAZZA!" I screamed. Harry held his ears, the rest laughed. Smiling I looked over and saw Brittany sitting on the floor. Quickly I sat down next to her. "Want to play a game?" I asked. she nodded, smiling. Her smile was pretty. "Truth or dare? Want to play that?" I eagerly questioned the boys. They all groaned and shook their heads, but Brittany laughed and said sure. The boys all looked up and sat down on the floor, now wanting to play. "I'll go get the bottle." Zayn said, getting up and going to the kitchen, returning 5 minutes later with a beer bottle cleaned out. He set it down and spun. Me, Damn it. "Louis, truth or dare?"

Harry asked. "DARE!!" "I dare you to...take off your pants!" Harry smiled. Brittany gasped as the boys laughed. I stood up, sexily smiled at Harry as I slowly took off my pants. I will get you back Styles. I thought. I spun the bottle and smirked at Zayn. "Dare, get it over with." he sighed. "I dare you to let Brittany mess up your hair." He looked like he was going to cry. Brittany got up and shook her hands threw his hair, making it look like bed head. We all laughed at his face. I got my phone out and took a picture. Someone doesn't like Truth or Dare anymore. I sent it to twitter. Zayn spun and smirked as it landed on Brittany. Uh-Oh. I thought. this wont be good.

Zayns POV

Yes. My turn. "Truth or Dare?" I asked. She looked scared. "Da-truth.." Crap, she was suppose to pick truth. "Okay, who here is the hottest?" She looked around then opened her mouth. "Hold me now, till the fear is leaving, I am barely breathing.." her phone sang, she quickly answered it "Hey babe, what's up?...What? Why?! No, Please!!!" The whole gang was staring at her and tears began to run down her face, gasping for breath.

Who was she talking to? Who on earth would make her cry? "NO IM NOT!!!" She creamed into the phone, getting up and walking into another room, shutting the door. "Who was that?!" Harry shouted to us, looking worried. Niall was just staring at the room she was in, his face pale as a sheet. "Who ever it was I'm going to-" he was cut off by the sound of the door burst open and Brittany ran out. She grabbed her stuff and ran for the door. Niall stood up and followed her, hot on her tail. The rest of us just stared in shock. What just happened?

Brittanys POV

"I HATE YOU!!" I screamed into the phone at my now ex-boyfriend. He thought I was cheating on him! I threw the door open, got my jacket, and ran for the door, not caring what the boys thought of me. Me and Jackson and been dating for 5 years and now he was breaking up with me. I heard feet behind me and saw Niall. "What do you want?" I screamed at him, I didn't mean to yell but I wasn't in the mood to talk.

"I just thought I could drive you home, since you rode with us.." he said, looking down at his feet. "sigh, I'm sorry Niall, I would love a ride." I got into the car, Niall in the drivers seat, and we set off. Once we got to my house I thanked him and got out. He grabbed my hand and handed me a paper, then let got and backed the car out. I opened my hand and saw a note. "I'm here if you want to talk." His number was on it. I smiled and walked in my house. "WHERE WERE YOU?!" I jumped, my father stood at the door. And looked PISSED. "Do you realize how scared me and your brothers were? How late it is?" I looked at the clock on the oven,12:31 AM. Shit.

"I'm sorry. I got distracted at work and went to a friends-" "A FRIENDS HOUSE!? AT 11:00!?!?!?! And what happened to your hands?!" he walked over, and I saw my brothers behind him, Chance (younger, 8, sandy hair) was clinging to Navy, (oldest, 19, brown hair). Chance looked mortified. My dad raised his hand, and punched me! I fell to the ground, more tears falling. My dad bent down and picked me up by my neck, and I smelt alcohol. He had been drinking. Chance screamed and headed towards me, only to be pulled back by Navy. "Please stop! FATHER!" Navy yelled.

 Dad looked over and threw me to the wall, I saw my chance and burst up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door shut and sat on my bed crying. I heard knocking on my door and then a small voice saying "Bri Bri? Can I come in?" it was Chance, I Sighed. "Sure Chancey." He opened the door and walked in, Navy behind him. Chance ran to me and started to cry in my lap. "I was...He just...IM SORRY!!!" he sobbed. I shushed him and picked him up, putting him on my lap. I rubbed his back, just like mom did before she died. Navy sat beside me and held me. I put my face in the shoulder and sobbed quietly. "Thank you Navy, thank you."

 "I cant believe father hit you, its not him. Its unbelievable." he whispered. We stayed like that until Chance fell asleep in my arms. I put him on my bed and went to Navy to his room. we were super close, and had been since mom died. I got into his bed and fell asleep to him holding me, singing my favorite song.


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