Falling too Hard

Brittany has big secrets. Who doesn't? But she never thought they would effect her life. It's not until she comes home and finds a man in her room, that she realizes something was wrong. Now her brothers are missing, her mom is dead, and her dad abuses her. She will stop at nothing to find her brothers, her moms killer, and her dad BIG secret. But she starts to lose herself in it all. She changes. Can her new friends help her? Or will she fall to hard?


3. Day With My Boys

Liams POV

I couldn't sleep, I kept seeing Brittanys face as she ran out the house. Niall came home an hour later looking like he had been crying. After that, we all just went to bed. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast, bacon. Soon after the rest of the boys came down. We all crashed at Louis's place, too tired to go home. "I smell bacon, where?" Harry mumbled. I put a few pieces on his plates and did the same with the rest of the boys.

We all sat down and started to eat. "It's Saturday, want to go out? We could go to the mall, then Nandos. The one in the mall." Niall shot up and screamed "YES!" the rest agreed. We put our plates up and got dressed. I saw Niall look at his phone ever 5 minutes. "Expecting a text buddy?" I asked, he shook his head and put his phone away. We got in Louis car and went to the mall, all silent. Not a pep from anyone. Even Louis was quiet.

Navy's POV

I woke up and saw Brittany still asleep in my bed. I still couldn't believe dad hit her! My little sister and little brother meant everything to me. I got out of bed, not waking her, and went down stairs to have breakfast when I heard a scream. I burst up stairs to see Brittany fly out of my room towards hers...Shit. Chance!! I followed close behind and saw Chance being held by his neck by a man in black. "Let him go!!! NOW!!" Brittany shouted, shaking like crazy. I slowly walked up to him. "Man, can you please ley got of my brother? I wont hurt you if you don't hurt him. Just let him go." He looked at me and pulled out a gun from behind him. Brittany screamed.

Brittanys POV

A gun. The man had a gun and was Holding my brother by his neck,  he was going to kill Chance! Suddenly I heard a bang and saw the man drop. I swung around and saw my dad holding a gun, at the man. Me and Navy ran to Chance. He clung to me and screamed and sobbed. "Who the fuck was that?!?!" I screamed at my dad.

He looked pale and left. Me and Navy knew Chance was traumatized and we wanted to help. "Hey Chancey, how about you get dressed and we will go to the mall and by you some video games, okay?" He hiccupped and nodded. Half  and hour later we were on our way to the mall. We went straight to the video store and Chance ran to the most violent game there was. I sighed and laughed. Navy bought the game and walked over to me.

"you hungry? I am." I nodded and grabbed Chances hand, following Navy to the food court. "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!" chance chanted at us, now pulling me to the pizza stand. Me and Navy laughed and flowed. Once we had our pizza we went and got a table. I was just about to eat my cheese slice when Chance dropped his pizza.

Nialls POV

We had gone to the mall and were now headed to the food court for lunch. Every few minutes I checked my phone to see if Brittany had texted me, but she never did. "PIZZA!!!" I shot my head up to see a little boy with sandy blond hair drop his pizza on the floor. A boy next to him squatted down to him and gave him his plate, the little boy smiled. "Why did you drop your pizza Chancey?" I froze. I knew that voice. So do the rest of the boys. It was Brittany. We all started to run to the table that the little boy was at and saw her, holding hands with some guy.

 Her boyfriend. I felt hot and angry as we walked up to the table, she looked up and saw me. She squeaked and turned around, hiding from me and the boys. Then, she stood up and ran to the bathroom. The boy stood up and walked up to us. "Who are you?" He asked, anger in his voice and eyes. Overprotective boyfriend. Joy. "I'm Niall and-" "Okay Niall, who are you to Brittany? Why is she scared of you?" Liam walked up to him, matching his height. "We don't scare her, we are her friends. She was at Louis's place last night. Who are you? Are you the jerk who called her yesterday?" The boy looked shocked. "What?!"

Brittanys POV

I cant believe Niall and his friends are here, I cant let them see my face, they would freak!! I washed my hands and put my jacket hood on and walked back to the table to see Liam face to face with Navy. I started to run to them before they stated to fight. "Navy, Liam, Stop!" I grabbed Navys arm and pulled him. I grabbed Chances hand and walked away, to the exit. "Who are they? Who called you? Tell me!" Navy called. "In the car!" I replied. I didn't want the boys to see my face. Once we were in the car, I turned to Navy and said

 "Those boys are my friends, I was at their house last night. And as for the call...Jackson broke up with me last night." I took a breath, waiting for his answer. "Oh, I'm sorry." He pulled the car out of the parking lot and stared home. I looked out the window the whole way home, thinking to myself. I decided I would tell the boys, I would text Niall and ask to hang out, the show the boys. But, as soon as we got home, my dad stopped me. "What do you want" I growled, keeping my distance. He raised his hand and slapped me across my face.

I showed no emotion even though my cheek stung. Navy pulled Chance to is room and locked him in, then came back down. "Father, leave her alone." he said, only making him laugh. "No, she is my daughter and I will hit her if I want. Same with you." Then he punched navy in the stomach, making him drop the his knees. "Navy!!" I screamed, running over to him. "Don't touch him you bitch!" Dad kicked me in the gut and I shrieked in pain. "I will show you to disobey me!" he went into the kitchen. I saw a gap and crawled to my room, dragging Navy with me. I shut the door and locked it. I got out my jeans from last night and found Nialls number.

I dialed it and waited for him to pick up. "Hello?" Yes! I silently prayed. "Niall,, it's me Brittany!" I heard him gasp. "Brittany! hey what's-" I interrupted him as I heard my dad walk up the stairs, "Get to my place, NOW! my dad is going to hurt me! Bring the boys!" I screamed, then hung up and hid my phone under my bed and whimpered as my door burst open, I held Navys body closer to me and saw my dad holding a knife.

Nialls POV

I was sitting watching the game thinking about the mall, when my phone buzzed. I sighed and picked it up, "Hello?" I asked. "Niall, its me Brittany!" I gasped, she called! "Brittany! hey what's-" I didn't get to finish because she screamed, "Get to my place, NOW! My dad is going to hurt me! Bring the boys!" then she hung up. I froze in shock, then yelled "GUYS GET DOWN HERE NOW!!! BRITTANY IS IN DANGER!!" I heard doors open and shut as Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn ran down the stairs, almost killing each other to reach the bottom.

"What happened?!" Harry asked. I didn't answer, just got my keys and ran to the car, the boys hot on my trail. We jumped in to the car and sped to her house. I couldn't stop thinking about what she said, "My dad is going to hurt me!" how? No, he wasn't going to, I will stop him. "Will you tell us what is going on?" Liam asked, bringing my head out of my thoughts. "Brittany called me, panicked, and said her dad was going to hurt her, she said to get to her place and bring you guys." That shut them up.

I saw the mood change dramatically, Zayn hissed and narrowed his eyes, Harry clenched his fists so hard they turned white, Louis gasp and growled, while Liam (sweet, caring, loving Liam) said "I'm going to kill him if he hurts her!" while cracking his knuckles. We reached her house and didn't ever turn off the car, we just burst out and ran to the door and all knocked like crazy. "Who the fuck did you invite over Slut?!" I heard and anger voice say, suddenly the door opened and we ran in. And saw a horrific sight. Pots, flower vases, paintings, pictures, and anything breakable, was on the ground broken. The couch had been flipped over, the tv broken, and the wood had splatters of...red paint? No, BLOOD!

A shriek directed our attention to the kitchen where Brittany had being pulled by her hair by a man holding a knife. "Who the fuck are you? Pretty boys?" I growled at him and charged. the boys followed me to. I swung and punch the man in his jaw, Liam kicked him in the leg, Louis punched his eyes, while Harry and Zayn held him back and away from Brittany. She dropped to the floor and crawled away, to the couch. "You will never touch her again!" Liam shouted and kneed him in the balls, causing a grunt from the monster. We continued to hit and punch him until he was knocked out and bloody. Only then did we realize that Brittany was screaming, panicked to.

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