Always belong to you

Said her name was Georgia Rose, that her daddy was a dentist. Said i had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it. Georgia Rose Matthews. A normal 16 year old from a normal family. In summer '09' she dated Harry Styles. She didn't tell anyone. 4 years later she runs into Liam Payne. After his breakup with Danielle he needs a friend. Soon they're more than friends. After a few months of dating Liam introduces her to the boys. What will Harry do when he realises that he never stopped loving her


3. It's been 4 years

Harrys P.O.V


I stared at her. The tears pricked at the back of my eyes. I couldn't help myself

"How could you. Always belong to me hey. How could you lie to me" I shouted before running out the room.


Liams P.O.V


"What was that about?" I asked Georgia, I was majorly confused about Harrys sudden outburst.

"You're probably not going to like this Liam, but I dated Harry, in 2009. We broke up after it was clear that we wouldn't be able to see eachother, I was only 16 and him 15. I told him before we broke up that I would always belong to him. I hoed when he became famous, that he would find me. I mean he had the ability to now. But he didn't. I was broken, I refused to give my heart away again. It only came back broken. Then I met you Liam. I had given up on Harry years ago. No I didn't use you to get to him. You fixed my broken heart Lee. It took 4 years but you finally did it. If you're going to end it, end it now. Because I can't let my heart break near Harry again. It took to long to fix last time. I'm not facing him alone lee. I just can't deal with it." She replied. I was in shock. Harry and Georgia. Wait.... Georgia Rose, Harry..... So it's her. Best song ever is basically about her. I laughed and I couldn't help myself.

"Is your dad a dentist?" I asked cheekily. She nodded and I couldn't help myself but laugh. When I stopped I heard a bang coming from upstairs. Georgia looked up

"Go talk to him, explain. It's the least either of you deserve" I said and she nodded her thanks. I lead her upstairs and pointed out Harrys room


Harrys P.O.V


The door opened and Georgia walked in.

"How could you" I snarled

"Harry, it's been 4 years" She replied simply, sitting down next to me

"You promised. You promised you would always belong to me!" I said.

"Harry I loved you, I really did. But you never came back for me. You were famous, you had all the reasons in the world to find me. But you never did. How do you think I felt about Caroline, about Taylor. I loved you but you broke my heart. Liam fixed it. Can't you just be happy and move on" She said. I knew in my heart she was right. I expected her to be mine when I wasn't hers

"I'm sorry George" I said. She shook her head

"But you promised George" I said

"I cant deal with this Harry, you know what, screw you. I waited! I frigging waiting but you didn't care." She yelled before walking out the door, slamming it behind her. What had I done?

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