Always belong to you

Said her name was Georgia Rose, that her daddy was a dentist. Said i had a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it. Georgia Rose Matthews. A normal 16 year old from a normal family. In summer '09' she dated Harry Styles. She didn't tell anyone. 4 years later she runs into Liam Payne. After his breakup with Danielle he needs a friend. Soon they're more than friends. After a few months of dating Liam introduces her to the boys. What will Harry do when he realises that he never stopped loving her


2. date?

Liams P.O.V


I sat peacefully in the park. No paparazzi, nothing. They all thought that i was in L.A for the Take Me Home tour. In thruth i had 10 days till the next concert and i was in Wolverhampton taking a break from everything. And by everything I mean Danielle. I keep getting bombarded with questions about our break up and it was getting annoying.

"mid if I sit her? I don't mind if you do, but you look a bit lonely and in truth I need someone to talk to" She said with a smile. She looked good and she didn't fan girl. That was always nice.

"i'm..." I began but she cut me off

"Liam Payne from One Direction. I know, I'm Georgia Rose. Like your song, Georgia Rose Matthews. But you can call me George or anything you want really" It was quite cool her name was like our song. Harry suggested the name though. Well in actual fact he wrote the whole of the 2nd verse.

"Do you wanna grab some ice cream or something?" I asked and she smiled a little more

"I would love that. We got up and went to the local ice cream shop. It was a Ben and Jerrys and was connected to an Odeon. We both got Cookie dough

"Wanna see a film?" I asked and she nodded

"Yeah, what shall we watch?" she asked. We both looked at the board

"MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!" We both exclaimed at the same time, making both of us explode into fits of laughter. We got a large popcorn and coke to share


The movie was amazing, almost as good as toystory. I offered her a lift home and she accepted

"so this may seem blunt, but I genuinely want to know. Was this a date?" I asked and she smiled

"It could count as a friendship thing, but if it was a date I suppose I would have to get your number so we could arrange another one. You know, no pressure, just see how it goes.

"I like your thinking" I said and handed her my phone, she put her number in it

"Do you know what else you do on a date?" She whispered flirtily. I leaned in and brushed my lips against hers. They were sweet and tasted of Ice cream, coke and popcorn.

"Why I believe I do" I replied as we broke away and I made my way back to my car

"Until next time Payne" She said and I laughed

"Looking forward to it Matthews"

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