Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


12. Repeating history with a long weekend in Ireland part 2

Kathrine's P.O.V

Me and Louis made a plan for our glorious prank war. We decided that we would prank Liam and Niall first.

"So you remember the plan, make sure you stick this in the shower before Liam get's there ok, i will deal with Niall," Louis said and i nodded. It had just turned 7'o clock and the boys were on the couch while the bus was moving.

"Boy's im off for a shower, behave for 10 minutes?" Liam said and all the boys replied with 'Yes Liam'. I quickly ran into the bathroom when Liam was getting changed and poured red Ink in his body wash bottle and ran out giving him the thumps up while i sat down on top of him. I felt sparks when i felt his arm's go round my waist.

We all sat talking to each other when i heard a scream that came from Liam who came running out with his skin completely red. 

"Who the fuck did this prank?" Everyone looked at each other only to stare at me and Louis when we started laughing.

"You two!" Liam shouted and then walked towards us.

"You two better just wait, we'll get you back for this, how long will i be like this im guessing Kathrine did this as i have seen Simon like this once in Blue," Liam said crossing his arms raising his eye brows.

"Um 3 days?" I said with an innocent smile.

"You what! 3 day's kathrine you are so dead," He said and Louis released his hands knowing what im about to do. I ran for my life with Liam hot on my tail while everyone else was laughing. They help so much ! NOT!

I was just about to make it to the bunks when Liam grabbed me pinning me to the wall with me squirming around.

"You know your gonna pay for this?" He said.

I nodded trying my hardest not to laugh at him.

"Good because tonight you can sleep with Louis," He said and i opened my mouth to protest but he flung me over his shoulder's.

"LIAM JAMES PAYNE LET ME DOWN RIGHT NOW, THERE'S NO WAY IM SLEEPING WITH LOUIS!" I shouted and he flung me on top of the one and only Louis. I was about to get up but only to get held down by Niall while Liam attached hand cuffs to mine and Louis hands. Oh just brilliant what the hell's gonna happen when we get pranked?

"Great thanks asshole," I muttered to Liam which caused Louis to laugh.

"Language Amy," Liam said.

"How long are these gonna be on for,"

" 3 days the same amount of time i have to put up with this," he said when i looked horrified at Zayn who had the same expression.

"I.. I can't these need to come off tomorrow i got to talk in private to 2 people," I explained and he studied me to see if i was lying.

"Fine they can come off tomorrow but you have to still sleep with Louis for 3 days?" He said which i nodded.


Everyone had finally got to bed after a night of pranking eachother. Louis had stolen Niall's food, Harry drew on my face while i was asleep while Zayn decided to dye one of Louis shirts pink and Liam well Liam really got his revenge on me and Louis by once again hand cuffing me and Louis together.


I jumped into Louis bunk and moved over so there was enough room. Eventually Louis got in and we struggled to get comfortable.

"These bloody hand cuffs," I mumbled Louis chuckled at my annoyance. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to his chest.

" Louis you know when i was shaking in the car?"


"I remember Louis,"  I said and he tensed.

"I remember how you were telling me how scared you were because i was still in the coma and how you kissed me before you left," I said and he looked a me in the eye.

"I'm sorry i don't know what it is, i was so scared for you and i felt like my whole world collapsed but then when i kissed you before you woke up and then after you woke up i felt like there was sparks everywhere i felt so alive," He explained.

"I felt the same," I said and he stared at me.

"Really? why would you feel like for someone like me?" I cupped his face.

"Because you a crazy child sometimes and i love it how you love being around kids and whenever you speak it feels like im melting, your perfect Louis never forget that, Eleanor has missed out and i think she was stupid because you are everything a man has to be," I explained and he crashed his lips into mine, i felt more sparks with a mixture of lust and passion.

"Amy Hunt ii have loved you since the day you changed my life and this band and i will never stop having feelings for you, will you be my girlfriend" He asked.

" Yes you idiot of course i will," I said and crashed into his lips again. He bit on my lip asking for entrance which i granted and he moaned into the kiss which made me smile.

"You make me so happy Amy," He said.

"I know i do but let's get some sleep shell we," I said and we both drifted into a peaceful sleep.



I woke up before anyone and turned to see Louis looking so peaceful. I moved some hair out of his face and kissed him on the nose.

"You know i could wake up every morning like that," He said smiling before opening his eye's.

He pulled me into a kiss and my hands ran through his hair.

"So can i," I said and pulled him out of bed and walked into the kitchen with him.

"I'm cooking some breakfast what do you want?"

"Um what about some pancakes for us and the lads?" He asked and i smiled.

"Of course," I said as he put his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder.

"Come on move i need to cook," I said. He put his hands up in surrender and moved out my way so i could walk only to be followed by him because of the handcuffs.


I was just about finished cooking breakfast when Liam and the other lads walked in and took a seat.

"Wow Amy this looks great!," Niall said.

"Thanks Niall glad your gonna like it," I said as i took my seat next to Louis who was smiling at me.

"Guy's we got some good news!" Louis said happily and i smiled at his childish tone. All the boys looked as if we had gone cray cray.

"Well what is it?" Liam asked.

"Me and Amy are together," Louis said as he kissed my cheek and Niall dropped his fork and ran to us and pulled us in the famous Niall Horan hug.

"IM SO HAPPY IT'S ABOUT TIME!" He shouted and everyone laughed at him.

"Im happy for you too thank god time's moving!" Liam said.

"Congrats guys, take care of my Boobear," Harry said giving me a wink. I shook my head at him and he just laughed.

"God Amy did that give you some horny thoughts?" Harry asked and i chucked a pancake at him.

"Only in you mind Hazza," I threw back at him and he put his hand over his heart as if it was broken.

"I'm so hurt,"

"Arhh maybe Za...Imean someone can take care of that," I stuttered and Zayn glared at me and i mouthed 'Sorry accident' and he nodded.

"Why are you and Zayn having a silent conversation?" Louis whispered.

I leaned over to his ear and replied, "I'll tell you later," He nodded and we all finished are breakfast.

I felt my phone vibrate so i picked it up to look at the caller ID and it was Paul.

"Hello Paulio what can i do for you?"

"Hello Amy we are 5 minutes away from Niall's home ok so get changed !" He whispered/shouted down the phone and then hung up.

"Ok boys get changed now !" I shouted and they all dashed out of there but i got dragged along.

"Fucking hand cuffs," I mumbled.

"Language!" Liam snapped at me which cause me to glare at him before covering my eye's.

"Are you nearly done?" I asked sneaking a peek at Louis. I saw that he had trouser's on but no shirt so i was caught staring at him.

"You like what you see Amy?" He asked with his eyes brows raised.

"Maybe at least you look better than the other's" I said and he chuckled while getting complaints from the boys.


After everyone was changed we sat on the couch and waited when i recieved a text from Paul.








I sent and all the boys were looking at their phone.

"Guy's i have something to tell you especially Niall," I said and they all looked at me worried.

"Well i spoke with Simon and the rest of management the other day," They all gulped.

"I persuaded them to do something since we don't com to Ireland often and they agreed to it," They were still moving and looking at me.

"Just tell us already!" Harry said.

"Ok ok well in about now we will be arriving at a very special place for some one and..." The bus stopped and Paul walked in with a smile on his face as he nodded to me.

"WELCOME TO THE HOME OF MR NIALL HORAN FOR A SPECIAL REUNION!" I shouted and Niall jumped out his seat and pulled me in a giant hug.

"OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH, OMG I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM!" He shouted and Paul led them the way out the door and we were met by his family. Niall saw his mum and dad and ran to them pulling them in a massive hugs and i could see him and his mum were crying. It has been about 6 months since he has seen his family.

I walked up and saw a guy standing next to Niall.

"HI i'm Amy," I said as he shook my hand but he pulled me in a hug.

"Hi im greg thank you so much for convincing management to do this it means the world for him to see his family, how long you lot staying?"

"Well nice to meet you greg basically Niall thinks we are here for the day and then we go to the secret venue tonight which your coming to but what the boys don't know is that i already asked you mum and management if we could stay here for a week and they all said yes so then you get a decent amount if time to see him before we start our next lot of concerts on the tour,"

"Wow your a special girl you know, you really do know how to change people's lives !" He exclaimed and Louis walked beside me.

"Hey babe,"

"Babe that's new, very classy of you," I smirked and he kissed my neck.

"I know," He said and smiled as greg looked at us with joy in his eye's.

"Are you two together?" He asked and i nodded. He shook Louis hand and patted him on the back.

"Great choice lad you did well," He bragged before walking off.

"Ok people we got to go in 30 minutes ok!" Paul said getting excited.

He came up to me and hugged me. What is with all the hugging why can't people shake hands?

"I can't wait, don't forget the thing," He whispered.

"Don't worry Paul everything is ready ok now we will set off in 20 minutes so go and enjoy yourself," I said and he nodded his head before walking off.


20 minutes went very quick but in that time i managed to meet the whole of the Horan family. We were now going to our secret location where we would meet and we told everyone to dress in dress and suits. I had put Claire to bed by the time we arrived and Liam finally got rid of the bloody hand cuffs.

We were now outside of the castle hotel which was very popular in Ireland. We walked inside and everyone was there ready.

"Paul you ready?" I asked and he nodded as he went over to Sophia.

I met Sophia when we video chatted on the bus the other day she was so lovely and she seems great with Paul. I grabbed a microphone from the large hall and stood up on the stage where i caught everyone's attention. Tonight i decided that i would where a knee length red sequin dress which i thought was perfect for the evening. I looked at everyone to see Paul and Sophia, then all the boys and the Horan family behind them then Simon who was standing next to some of Paul's family.

"Hi guy's thanks for coming tonight, me and Paul planned this a week ago because he had no one else to go to," I said and everyone looked at him.

"Ok anyway there is a special reason we are here tonight so Paul care to do the honors," I asked which he replied and i walked off stage and stood next to him.

"Sophia i have known you for 2 year and they have been the best two year's of my life, you are my one and only love and i would love to spend everyday with you so," He looked at me and i gave him a velvet box with the ring and he got down on one knee and opened the ring box.

"Sophia will you marry me?" He asked and she started crying.

"yes a thousand times yes!" She said and hugged him. He placed the ring on her finger and she hugged me too.

"Thanks so much Amy," She said.

"Your welcome i'm so glad to see him happy with someone as pretty and ad nice as you," I said and she smiled.

"WHOO GET IN THERE PAUL!" Louis screamed from across the room and everyone laughed while they all congratulated Paul and Sophia.

I saw Harry talking to Liam, so i decided this was a perfect chance to talk to him. I walked over and smiled at Liam as i dragged Harry's arm out of the room and into another.

"Hey Amy what you doing?" Harry asked confused.

"I need to talk to you,"

"Ok talk,"

"I need you to answer truthfully , do you have feelings for Zayn?


Ok guys so i left it on a cliff hanger type ending, the next chapter will be call part 3 as i decided 2 part won't cover everything.

What do you think Harry's gonna say?


Part 3 - so in part 3 you see how the relationship between Harry and Zayn goes will they be together or not? And there will be arguments between to people which causes surprises thoughout the whole party and even more secrets get revealed !

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