Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


11. Repeating history with a long weekend in Ireland Part 1


Amy's P.O.V

This morning i had excused myself from breakfast and made my way into the games room to phone Simon for the special event in Ireland.

"Hello baby girl how can i help you?" Simon asked as he answered my call.

"I was wondering if you could meet us in Ireland?" I asked biting my lip.

"Yes of course any reason why?" He said.

"There is a special event which me and Paul are having and we want you to be there so you can stay over night if you wanted?" I suggested.

"Of course i'll see you tomorrow Amy,"

"Ok thank you Simon bye,"

"Bye baby girl" I smiled i'll never stop loving that nickname.


I walked in the living room to be greeted by the boys and Paul. I smiled at Paul and he returned the Smile back.

"Ok boy's in Ireland tomorrow we are going out with Paul and Simon to a special venue ok?" I said and they all looked at me like i was crazy, even Harry choked on his drink.

"You mean Simon is going to be there with us?" Zayn asked.

"Yes he is and if your worrying there's going to be another argument don't because it's not that type of event to be arguing at and i will talk to Simon about Louis later, ok?" I explained the situation and they were all happy with it.

"So what are we gonna do today?" I asked.

"Well we have an interview in 1 hour then we are at the studio recording, you have to tag along anyway, then we get off at 8 so we can eat at Nando's if you want," The minute he mentioned Nando's me and Niall jumped up and down with joy.

"WE'RE GOING TO NANDO'S!" We both shouted which caused everyone to laugh at how immature we were. I looked at Louis who was on the other couch with Claire he looked so cute when he laughed, it's ashamed everything happened to him, he looked like he was so happy.

"Amy, earth to Amy?" Niall shouted while waving his hand in my face.

"Sorry, i was thinking," I said trying to hide my Lie but Zayn looked at me with suspicion.

"Has that got anything to do with Louis?" Zayn whispered in my ear which caused me to blush. Why is everyone thinking i like Louis? He won't ever like me back.

"Aww she's blushing Zayn what did you say to her?" Harry asked.

"Nothing you need to know Hazza," He said wriggling his eye brows.

"By the way can i talk with you later?" He whispered.

"Of course Zayn," I whispered back and returned to the boys who were in their own conversations.

"Guy's go get ready you got that interview in half hour," I said and the boys scrambled to get ready.

*10 minutes later*


All the boys were ready and we headed out the tour bus and made our way to the van. Paul was in the driver's seat and Claire was strapped to the front seat next to Paul. While strapping her in the boys got to their seats in the back and i was found with no seat to sit on.

"You can sit on my lap if you want?" Louis offered which i accepted. I sat on him and he snaked his arms around my waist.


I crashed my lips into his, he was shocked? he kissed me back only to be brought back to reality.


*Another Flashback*

I was sat in the meadow again. I was watching some birds flying after each other when i saw a tearful Louis next to me.

"Im so sorry Amy for what happened to you, i didn't mean to do what i did" He stated. I feel so bad for him, i ran out the house, i did this to myself not him.

"We all miss you terribly, I never told you but you saved my life when you first came onto that bus, i tried so hard not to do it to myself after Eleanor dumped me, I like you so much and not just in the sister way either, i know i have been a complete asshole and your proberly not gonna remember anything i say anyway but i thought i would say it to you not even the lads know, i feel so guilty with you being in hospital, i have nightmares everynight of you dying and im just their screaming your name while your heart beat line goes flat and i dream about how the boys would hate me, kick me out the band and Zayn would beat me up in the hospital and leave my life," He said and broke down.

"Im sc...scared please just wake up i don't know what im gonna do anymore please help me Amy" That was the last thing he said before kissing me gently on the lips and disappearing. He felt so guilty, so lost and helpless and he doesn't even know what to do anymore? What am i gonna do now.

End of Flashback


I sat there staring at my hands which were shaking.

"Amy are you ok it looks like you've seen a ghost?" Harry asked.

"Yeah and why are your hands shaking? Liam asked and the whole van went silent as the boys stared at me.

"I..It's nothing, don't worry about it" I replied back. I can't tell them.

They all decided to drop it know my temper doesn't last long. Louis tensed for some reason, i think he thinks that he did something wrong.

"We're here guys, don't do anything stupid," Paul announced as the car came to a stop.

"Thanks Paul make sure your phone stays on," I said and he smiled and nodded.

Th boys started exiting the car, i got out first and grabbed Claire while all the fans were screaming, then Harry and held his hand out for Zayn to get out which made me see zayn blush? Is there something going on i don't know about, i need to make sure i talk with Zayn later.

After Zayn, Liam and Niall got out then followed by Louis, i walked behind them as we walked to the studio. These fan girls are very loud, it sounds like one of their concerts, full of screaming and girls crying just seeing them.


"LOUIS SUCKS!" A group of girls shouted from my right.

"YOU SHOULD GO DIE YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE IN ONE DIRECTION!" They all shouted to him. I looked over to see Louis on the verge of crying. This started making my blood boil, they can't say that to him, he didn't do anything wrong he didn't break up with Eleanor, she broke up with him leaving me to pick up the pieces when he cried at night and when he cut.


I saw Paul look at me with worry as he walked next to me. I nodded to him and handed Claire to him and all the boys stopped to see what i was doing, Liam obviously knew what i was going to do because before i walked over he caught my arm bringing me back to him.

"Liam let go now, before you get hurt," I said angrily and he stared at me in horror. He looked at the boys and Zayn nodded his head in approval and he let my arm go, as i strode over to the girls i could feel all eyes on me, i turned to see Louis crying while Liam tried to calm him down, they both looked my way and i smiled at mostly Louis, then turned back and walked right up to the girls. There were 4 of them in total and all looked fake with too much make up and very short tops and jeans.

"Oh look it's the slut who has a baby trying to defend Little heartless Louis Tomlinson," The slut in the middle said.

"Shut up you slut what are you 13?" I said sarcastically.

"Yeah i am why jealous that im more pretty?" She Challenged me. I laughed hysterically at her, she obviously hasn't seen what she looks like.

"You obviously haven't seen yourself then darling, your 13 and your parents lets you dress like a slut?" I questioned and she slapped me which caused the media to turn their attention to and the boys stood there shocked on now what's gonna happen to the over sized slut.

I grabbed her by the throat and said, " Now listen here you Slut i suggest you say sorry to Louis now because you don't know what he has been through these past few weeks, he is heart broken that Eleanor dumped him, he hasn't done anything wrong at all and i am a forgive and forget person so to me he hasn't done anything wrong," I said and tightened my grip on her neck. She said nothing just stared at me, by this time her friends had run off so it was just me and her.


"Say sorry now or do i have to put you in hospital for you to say it?" I questioned raising my eye brows.

"Sorry Louis," She said smiling, which was fake although no one gets away with that especially to the people i love.

I let go of her and she turned around to start walking away when i shouted to her.

"Hey slut your forgetting something," I said and she turned around to face me. She smiled at me and threw a punch to my jaw which made me wince in pain. I Jumped over the barrier and threw punches at her, after 3 blows the the face she pushed me off and tried running away but i couldn't stop her as i was in Zayn's arms, as many times as i tried to struggle in his arms it didn't affect him.

"If i ever see you again you'll regret it!" I spat at her and she ran away crying while Zayn dragged me into the building.

"Zayn put me down," I shouted as he threw me over his shoulder wondering through the buildings.

"Only if you promise not to start a fight with anyone?" He said while the boys stood and looked at me in shock of what just happened.

"Fine," I said giving up. 

Zayn put me down and Louis came running over and hugged me with tears trickling down his cheeks.

"Thank you so much Amy no one has ever defended me in front of the media be...before," He said and i pulled out the hug and cupped my hands round his face.

"Listen Louis i love all you and i will not have people like that ruining your careers, if i had to pick between me getting fired or you all losing your careers i will always choose me to loose my career because you all deserve this," I explained and all the boys pulled me into a hug.

"Boys you have to go for the interview, i'll see you in 1 hour,  now put these clothes on and head to Lou in hair and make up" I said and left them to change into the outfits i picked for them.

I made my way over to Paul who was watching the tv screens where the interview was displayed.

"Hey Paul," I said taking a seat next to him.

"Hey Amy, i ddin't get chance to thank you about what happened out there today, you know your the first person to stand in front of the media and defend these boys from hate, you should be proud," He mentioned which made me think.

"I'm not proud of myself Paul, i'm proud of the boys for putting up with that, for just ignoring it like it's not there, but im not proud of me i mean im not just gonna stand there and be proud just because i did that i stand there and watch the boys and look after them because they are like family, all of you are and i would always defend and help my family," I explained.

"I dunno what i would do without all of you, i think my life has changed so much every since i stood at the door to that tour bus," I said leaning my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arm around my shoulder's.

"Well i know you have changed all our lives too," Paul said smiling.

"Hey Paul can you take care of Claire tonight so i could have some time with the boys?" I asked.

"Of course, you need a break anyway and im very good with kids," He said.

*After the interview at the tour bus*

So i was free of Claire bear for 1 night so it's time to have some fun with the boys. As soon as we got to the tour bus the boys headed over to the couch and started talking in their own little groups. I made my way to the kitchen to grab some drinks for me and the boys. I turned around to see Zayn standing there which caused me to jump in surprise.

"Fucking hell Malik you scared the shit out of me," I said which made him smile.


"Is there something you wanted Zayn," I asked knowing he wanted to talk.

"Yeah if you don't mind,"

" Not at all," I said and made my way over to the kitchen table with Zayn on one side and me on the other.

"So what's up Zayn?" I asked.

"Well you'll proberly judge me but im gay and i need some advise about it?" He asked. I already knew a lot about people who were gay, my 2 best friends were both gay and i helped them through it and they are happy still.

"It's ok Zayn i won't judge you, i had two best friends that were gay and they are still happy now after i helped them through high school," I explained and he looked very relaxed and relieved that i wouldn't freak out.

"Now what do you feel around the boys, anything with a certain boy" i asked.

"Um.. i get this butterfly feeling in my stomach but it's only to Harry?" He questioned. I smiled, the flirt out the pack and he has the dimples to pull off any charm. Shame on Harry cause that charm does not work on me ha!

"So do you like Harry then?" I asked and he nodded. I smiled my little Zayn is growing up.

"I'm so happy you told me, i will help you ok when we get to Ireland i will speak to Harry for you if you like?" I suggested which he quickly agreed to.

"Good ok come on let's join the other boys," I said and we both stood up and walked into the living room. I sat on the couch with Liam and Louis, but they hogged it all so i sat across them which didn't seem to bother them and Zayn did the same on the other couch with Harry and Niall.

"Guy's it's my night off where i don't have to look after Claire and tomorrow we're in Ireland so let's play a game of Pranks ahoy?" I asked and they all smiled.

"OK i take that as a yes know teams?" I said and Louis shouted his team mate first.

"I want Amy,"

"Ok" I Said.

"I want Liam," Niall said which left Harry and Zayn.

"Ok so you got an hour to organize a plan with your team mate, when your gonna do it and what team, your not allowed to tell anyone ok, GO!" I shouted and Louis grabbed my arm and we made our way towards the game room in the back of the bus and planned our attack on Liam and Niall this after noon and planned to attack Zayn and Harry later tonight which led into the morning of our arrival in Ireland. Good luck boys, this will be an interesting night.


ok guys so this is part 1 of this chapter part 2 is coming soon, will Zayn tell the other boys and how will Harry react to what Amy tell's them.


Part 2 - Find out what happens to the prank war between the three teams and how will the Horan family reunion go before going to the secret location for the proposal from Mr Paul Higgins ?



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