Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


10. Flashbacks and Nightmares


*Later that Night*

Louis P.O.V

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" Zayn shouted while pinning me to the wall, holding my throat ignoring the protests from the other boys.

"I..i didn't mean to I wasn't thinking straight!" I shouted back.

"DON'T YOU FUCKING GIVE THAT EXCUSE YOU TWAT SHE'S NOW IN A COMA BECAUSE OF YOU, SHE'S FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE WHILE YOUR HERE!" H shouted in my face. The boys managed to grabbed Zayn and his hand let go of my throat causing me to choke.

"Im sorry," I said and all the other boys glared at me. Why was it always me?

After the incident with Zayn we saw nurses running down to Amy's room with a crash cart. No not now! Oh god i caused this and now she's dying.


Zayn ran down the hall banging on Amy's room shouting. 


After 10 minutes we went in the room and heard the one thing which i wish would never happen. That noise, this is what we call a flat line. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

Gone. Dead. Now im in deep shit.


I cried and collapsed to the ground while everyone else broke down around the room. I saw Zayn get up furious and looked straight into my soul.

He ran up to me and hit me square in the Jaw.

"YOU BASTARD SHE DIED BECAUSE OF YOU!" He hit me again in the stomach while the boys watched from a distance.

Zayn climbed on top of me, but was unfazed as i tried to get away from him and protect myself.





The more hits i took the more blood was coming. By this time i was screaming in pain. No one was helping, just standing there watching me get beaten and hit by who was my friend.




By that last hit i was receiving so much pain to my head and abdomen. He finally got off and held his bloody wrist.

"YOUR OUT THE BAND YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE, GO DIE IN A HOLE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" He screamed and picked me up by my collar and threw me out into the wall of the corridor, everyone was staring by this point and I just blacked out and the last thing in my head was the Flat line of Amy Hunt.



"LOUIS WAKE UP!" Someone shouted and my eye's snapped open to see Amy  shaking me while sweat was dripping down my forehead.

"Amy?" I said more like a question and then started crying, it was just a dream.

"It's ok Lou, it's just a Nightmare ok?" She soothed me and hugged me while I leaned into her.

"It f....felt soo real though," I stuttered which made her tighten her grip.

"It's ok Lou, do you want to sleep with me so then you don't get any more nightmares?" She asked and i nodded and we headed to her bunk. She got in first and scooted over to make room for me. I slept on my back and she snaked her arm around my waist and leaned her head on my chest. I tensed under touch as it sent shiver's down my spine. 

"It's ok Louis i'll be here in the morning, get some sleep" She whispered.

"Thanks Amy," I said and smiled into a dreamless sleep.


*In the morning*

"Did we miss something?"

"No, i think they look cute together,"

"Aww take a picture before they wake up,"


I was woken by the other lads, they never know how to leave people alone so they can keep up with their beauty sleep.

"Guys shut up already, im trying to sleep," I groaned.

"Wakey wakey sleepy head," I heard Amy said, her voice sound's like an angel in the morning.Wait did i just say she sounded like an angel? Do i have feelings for Amy?.

"Hey," I said and got up to the other boys raising their eye brows.

"I had a nightmare last night ok? she woke me up and offered to keep me company ok nothing happened," I said getting pissed off with their filthy minds.


Amy's P.O.V

Seeing Louis cry from a night mare scares me after what his condition is already.

"Hey Louis time to check your arms," I said and he showed me his wrists to only see the scars that are healing no new ones, thank god. Im starting to like the new Louis that i haven't seen before.But im still worrying about him he still seems kind of distant. I was sitting at the table staring at Liam when everything went fuzzy.


Flashback to hospital


I was sat in the meadow again.

"Morning to myself day 3 in meadow, today i saw a fly?" I said sarcastically when finally someone who i've been waiting for comes.

"Hey Amy," Liam said as he sat there with red eyes and dark bags under his eyes. By his physical features it loks like he hasn't slept in days.

"Sorry it's been a while since i talked to you, i have been trying to support the lads in every way possible," Yep good old daddy direction trying to help everyone and keep everyone in line, gotta love him for that.`

He started tearing up, " It's such hard work, im trying to stay strong for the lads but every time i see you i just want to break down and cry but i know that i can't in front of the lads, I miss you and so do the lads, i know we haven't known you that long but you have changed our lives so much, your the best prankster, a great food buddie, a twin flirt for harry, mommy direction who helos me control the boys and a great help for Louis even if he doen't see it yet and your a great friend of Simon and Paul, the minute you walked through the door on the bus and took Zayn and Niall to the hopping mall you had changed our lives," I started to tear up by this time, he always knew what to say to people to help them or just to cheer them up.

"I wish you were awake and i still expect a shopping trip with you when you decide to wake up, im so happy your in our lives Amy your like the sister i have never had before, you know even though i had sisters your still my best one" He said laughing at his sly comment towards his sister's. Got to remember to mention that when i do eventually wake up.

"I got to go back to the boys, stay well and please wake up soon we all love and miss you so much," Liam kissed my forehead after saying goodbye and disappeared from the meadow, yet again im alone listening to birds sing and fly while watching the sun in freedom.


End of Flashback


I was brought out my flashback by Hazza shaking my shoulder's while i was staring at a very scared looking Liam.

"Amy you ok you were staring at Liam for a good 10 minutes?" Harry said returning to his seat.

" Yeah and it was scary," Liam added.

"Yeah im fine sorry Liam," I said while a tear escaped my eye while running down my cheek, remember everything in the Flashback.

"Amy why are you crying?" Liam said with concern and suddenly all eye's were on me. Harry, Zayn and Niall looked at me like they knew.

"You had another one didn't you that's why i couldn't get your attention?" Harry said and Louis and Liam looked utterly confused.

I nodded to him " What do you mean she had another one?" Liam asked with socked concern.

" I faze out sometimes and have flashback from when i was in the coma, you kniw i was in a Meadow watching the birds and sun everyday, I remember in the flashbacks that Zayn, Niall and Harry appeared in the meadow next to me at different time talking to me, except that it was actually you sitting in the hospital room with me but i was in the meadow and i heard everything they said to me and just now i couldn't control the flashback and it was 3 days after the othr 3 came and you appeared, but im not gonna repeat what you said because it's private to me and you, that's what made me tear up in the flashback and that's what made me tear up just now," I explained and he looked at me knowing clealy what he said and he smiled at me.


"Wow so that's most of us who haven't you seen?" Niall said while eating some cereal.

"Well i have seen you, Zayn, Harry and now Liam so the only ones left is Paul and Louis," I said and Louis gulped. There's something he isn't telling me?


Louis P.O.V

Oh no she's remember the conversations i told her i liked her ? what am i gonna do now i feel like an utter Twat.

That Nightmare scared the crap out of me, i feel the boys still feel pissed at me and the hate still isn't letting up, I'm so lost. Save me.


Amy's P.O.V

There is still something Louis is hiding, i don;t know if it is to do with the hate or the nightmare from last night or just life in general but i need to find out.



I wasn't sat in the meadow this time I was watching the hospital scene around me everyone's movment, everyone;s conversation. One conversation caught my eye, oh no this can;t be good Louis and Simon, it lloks like Louis is getting crushed by a well pissed off Simon.





"WELL PUT I THIS WAY IF YOU DON'T BUCK UP YOUR ACT THEN YOUR OUT THE BAND!" Simon shouted and left the hospital while a teary Louis on the floor crying his heart out, this band is the only thing keeping Louis like this, without the band he would have nothing anymore. I need to help him and fast and i need to convince Simon, shouldn't be too hard.


Flashback end


"Amy?" Zayn said waving his hand in front of my face, this time i was staring at my food.


He smiled, "It's ok let me guess another flashback?" I nodded in agreement and Louis looked nervous as hell.

"What was it about?" Harry asked.

"This time i was able to see the hospital room and corridor, I saw the argument between Simon and Louis," I said and the boys looked shocked. Did i forget to mention they weren't there? No.

"Umm what argument was this?" Zayn said looking at Louis who was silently crying.

"Do you want me to tell?" I whispered to Louis as i gave him a hug, he nidded and i smiled and wiped some of his tears.

"Ok so the argument was about how Simon was blaming my apperence in hospital on Louis and he said that Louis better stop being an Asshole and buck up his act or he's out the band," I said and all the boys except Louis gasped.

"Why didn't you tell us Louis, we could have helped you, That not fair Simon can't do that," Liam said.

"Guy's Louis couldn't say anything to you because after Simon left, Louis collapsed on the floor and broke down, Simon can do  what he want's he owns your band but don't worry, Louis won't be going anywhere" I said and they all smiled.


Zayn's P.O.V


I need to get some advise from Amy, I can't admit it, ok I like one of my band mates, i can't get over his curly hair and tattoo's and that flirty attitude. That's right I'm in love wit my band mate Harry Styles bu what am i going to do now?



OK guys so that that chapter wrapped up ! There is a new love relationship between Zayn and Harry but will Harry feel the same way toward Zayn? and what's gonna happen when Amy finds out the flashbackwith Louis talking to her in the meadow?


Chapter 11 - Repeating history with a long weekend in Ireland - ok so in this chapter, History repeat's itself for pop star Louis Tomlinson again especially when a crowd of fans start shouting hate, will Amy protect him? Also what is the verdict to the proposal with Paul and Sophie and i think it's time for a Horan family reunion !


Chapter 12 - Interview happiness  


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