When the strong become frail

I rushed the end and feels it's incomplete. But I think I like that fact as the ending has only one outcome.

This is about my gran. She is old and we have been told she hasn't long. She will soon be on "borrowed time".


1. When the strong become frail

Sitting in your chair, wiser and lighter than ever before.

Spending your day with nods and waves.

Your silver tongue now cool mint at best.  


You are still fighting.  


Time is quicker for you,

Your time  is being spent. 

Though the days seem longer and your actions slower.   


You are older, more forgiving.  

Maybe you have lost all that fire, and bite.

Lost all the things that we loved/hated/knew to be you.  


You are lighter than before.


 You fought challenges of independence,

standing ones ground and making one count.



 The once rock is now a pebble

but still a fighter,

still fighting

there are still battles to be won.

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