the greatest direction to take

avery an average 19 year old was hopelessly caught up with her favorite band one direction but when she finally gets to meet them will she like what she see's?


2. having trouble breathing

averys POV 

just about to leave for the one direction concert my bestie got me a ticket for when i got texts from my bestie and my boyfriend

james; breaking up with you cant remember why we were together in the first place love someone else sorry i didnt give you any warning but you knew this was coming 

and this is what sam said

sam; cant come to the concert have fun without me dont try to talk yourself into staying home! go and meet the boys for me!!!

after crying from my boyfriend and my bestie backing out on me i was heartbroken what am i going to do? i might as well get ready for the concert


AHHHH DRAMA BOMB!!!! whats going on with james ? why is sam backing out of the concert? keep reading!!!

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