No where to go, no one to be with, I am completely alone, but is it all my fault? All of my discisions have gotten me to this point. My life is full of nothing but mistakes, and regrets, but will he turn everything around for me? Could he? I guess I will have to find out


2. Starting up

The party started, and a lot of people started to show up, most of them I knew, but a lot of them were from out of town. Drew seemed to know every single person because I never got the chance to talk to him the whole time. Every once and a while he would turn to glance and smile at me, and I did the same even though I really wasn't having a good time.

"Amber, come with me" He said as he started to tug on my hand a bit leading me toward some bushes. When we got there, there was a group of people already there. He let go of my hand, and headed toward a tall guy. He looked kind of sketchy, so I thought it would be best to stay where I was.

I couldn't believe what I was looking at, there Drew was snorting Cocaine. I looked down, I never knew that he was into these kind of things, and I already didn't like it. There was no fake smile on my face anymore, I was expressionless. He came back towards me as he wiped his nose off, and I just looked away. He grabbed the bottom of my chin and pulled my face up so that I was looking up at him, but I just nuzzled my chin back down. I didn't even want to look at him.

The party sucked, and I couldn't take my mind off of what Drew did.

"Can we go please?" I asked him in a fake tired voice.

"Yeah, just let me have one more hit. He walked back over there leaving me alone. He was back in seconds, and grabbed my hand, and started pulling me to the truck. I sat up, and when I got in he was starring at me. He jumped over the seat, and started kissing me. I liked it, that was fine. He hopped to the back seat of the truck, and pulled me over on top of him. We sarted kissing again, and I loved it, I had such a rush. He was one of the most popular guys in my school, and he wanted me.

I was scared, I have never really done anything with a guy, I said as I stopped and sat up looking at him. He sat up, and reached under the seat=, and then in his pocket pulling out a pill, and a beer.

"Here take this, and drink this" He said as he held the pill up to my mouth. "Amber it is just going to make you relax more I promise."

I took it, and quickly put it in my mouth, and started chugging the beer down.

He started laughing "It is gonna hit you way harder now" In less then  minute my head started to feel light, and tingly. I felt like I was moving in slow motion no matter how hard I tried to move faster. He got ontop of me, and started to kiss me again, he started to pull my shirt up, and I couldn't really move to stop it. His touch was so warm, and made me feel weightless. He took his shirt off, and started kissing my neck, and started to undo my pants. Then Everything went black. WHen I woke back up the party was still going hard. I opened the car door up and started puking, I couldn't stop, and I started to get scared. I felt someone start to pat my back, and it was Drew.  I stopped, and whipped my face. "I wanna go home" He picked me up, and threw me in the passanger side of the truck.

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