Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


10. I wish never

As we were walking down the alley my mums story faded in and out of my mind. I just couldn’t understand why my father could be so horrible, and I thought my mum was bad.  Johnny saw my puzzled expression and smiled at me, he was up to something mischievous.

“Johnny why are you looking at me like that?” his expression had changed from playful to stern. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me.

“Jodie, quiet!”

“What? Why?” He was frustrating me, why was he being like this?

“DOWN!” Johnny screamed at me as something swooped past and made a shooting pain tingle all the way down my spine. I glanced up to see a dark shadow walk across the wall.

“Johnny what is that? Im scared?” I stuttered and whispered in his ear.

Johnny grabbed me fiercely and forced me behind his back.

“Jodie do you trust me?” He whispered over his shoulder aiming to get it over to me.

“Yes of course I do,” I was thinking of answering it sarcastically but because the clouds were caving in over us and it had gone strangely dark I thought to choose my words wisely. I looked up at Johnny and watched as his eyes darted from one brick wall to another. We were surrounded by garbage bins and caved in by walls. I noticed a that the darkness was moving almost like a mist except it was in the wall, like a shadow.  Very slightly I could hear scuffling of feet. I glanced behind me to find out what was going on to see that there was a young girl with her teddy bear standing in the light.

“Hey Millie, go back to bed.” I tried to smile at her. Millie was the young girl that lived next door to us, she was so sweet but very loud. She almost looked aroused in the shadows dancing in the wall who had now taken the form of dancing ballerinas. They leaped from one brick wall to another looking as graceful as though they were real. Millie wouldn’t walk away, her eyes glinted red as if dark magic was involved. She took a step forward in her ‘teletubbies’ nightie and started mumbling under her breath. I caught a bit of what she was saying and  which she mumbled on about magic. This whole time Johnny’s eyes hadn’t left the dark shadow. I looked back voer at the shadow to find out it had left the wall and formed a dark figure which made it way over the the child. Almost as if it were gliding in every smooth step it took. It held the childs chin upwards and Millie opened her mouth. Gold dust started to shimmer from her mouth going into the dark figure. Johnny’s face twisted as he realised what was going on.

“Johnny whats happening? Please tell me right now!”

“Jodie please quieten down, I don’t think its quite seen us yet, bu basically hes sucking that little girls soul out.” Johnny said it so blunt that it broke my heart.

“No, I cant let that thing do that to Millie?” I screamed harshly at Johnny.

“Millie? Whos Millie?” While Johnny sat there I leaped up and ran for Millie screaming while tears blurred my vision. Just as I got to the scene Millie’s body dropped down into my arms. Limp and lifeless I cried on her.

“Millie, wake up Millie,” I was about to continue when I realised what I had just disturbed.

A low rumble started from in front of me which soon changed to a growl. I peered up through my fringe to see this figure had gained a mouth, and lots and lots of sharp teeth.

However the shadow slinked into the ground beneath my feet and started to shake the ground.

“JODIE! Do NOT Fall down! In any circumstances!” Johnny shouted over my high pitched squeals. It was like an earthquake all over again. However Just as sudden as it had started it stopped. The dark shadow rose from the ground once again and trudged along to Johnny very slowly. Johnny didn’t look as startled as what I had been. I looked as his expression as all of a sudden he winked and chucked something at me. I missed it being the worst at reflexes and went fumbling for it, not even sure what I was looking for.

“Jodie it’s a pen, find the pen!” Johnny was screaming at me. The dark figure was gaining on Johnny and I still had no sight of this pen he was talking about.

“Johnny I cant find it help me, please.” Tears started to trickle down my cheek glancing at the dark figure who was now infront of johnny reaching for his throat.

“A bit tied up deary,” Johnny sounded like he was choking and as I glanced the shadow was pulling his soul out.

“Ah Ha!” I yelled with joy and went to go give it to Johnny but as I turned around Johnny’s body went limp. He was so pale and I didn’t like it. How do I work this? I took the lid off of the pen and it started to shake.

“Johnny, Johnny? What do I do?” There was of course no reply whatsoever. The dark figure started to disintegrate and swirl with the breeze of the wind into the pen. With such a force that pushed me back the cap flung itself on automatically. I threw the pen on the floor and grabbed johnny’s head.

“Johnny wake up you big fool! Please!” More tears started to trickle from my eyes as I opened them again I saw blood coming from Johnny’s mouth as he started to smile.

“Your such a softie Jodie,” He chuckled at my attitude which annoyed me so much, theres nothing I hate worse than someone mocking me.

“Fine,” I huffed getting his body off of me. “You try standing up yourself then.” I sniffed sarcastically acting like I didn’t care and began walking out over to Millie.

“Johnny? Whats going to happen to her? Will she live like you?” I questioned.

“I hate breaking it to you but he didn’t take all of my soul as he didn’t have time, but that poor girl ‘Millie’ is not going to live. We will just have to place her back in her bed and when her parents go to wake her they may find it as a natural cause for her to die.” Johnny answered me back as I kneeled there stunned.

“I cant do that Johnny? She was just going to start school, why Johnny! Why did I have to be a part of this! I would have happily lived my life without getting involved with you. Millie was innocent and now she is dead. “ I mumbled.

“So you wish you never got involved with me, this dark magic?” Johnny’s tone was stern but his face was saddened.

“Yes that’s exactly it,” I muttered trying to be strong and stand my ground.

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