Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


7. I nearly kissed a vampire.

My mum looked anxious, she mopped her forehead with her handkerchief and creased her eyebrows together. This was a lot of information I have had to give out.

“Well at least we know it’s a dream, right Edith,” Johnny wasn’t giving my own mother a chance to answer. He was persisting her to continue with his sentence and agree with it.

“Yes, yes of course. All just a dream. A weird dream. Now darling, you will be fine get your hoodie on and pack your things together while I just go outside and thank Johnny for taking good care of you.”

I heaved myself off my bed as I watched my mum and Johnny walk out of the room whispering together.

“Edith you do realise you can't hide this from her forever, when are you going to tell her?” Johnny questioned.

“I know, I know I can't hide it, she's nearly got you figured out. Her dream was all about you. In the corner hiding yourself, then that funeral was of the innocent person you killed.” Edith tried to protect her own daughter.

“I didn’t mean to kill them. That was a one off thing. I can survive on animals like a normal human.” Johnny replied.

“Yes like a normal human, Johnny face it, YOU'RE NOT HUMAN! Stop living in a fantasy!” Edith started whispering violently at him.

“Yes I know I'M not normal Edith, and I think you’re the one that needs a reality check at the moment, I have to hide who I am, you have to hide who you are and most of all Jodie doesn’t even know who she really is, and your just batting it off like its something that will pass in time. No it wont Edith get a grip and open your eyes sunshine!” Johnny spat at her starting to get pissed off.

Edith slapped Johnny right across the face.

“How dare you say that about me! She is my daughter not yours!”

“I know that she's your daughter, but what happens when someone falls for her, then they will be her boyfriend so they have a right to know!” Johnny was very good at debating and Edith knew this.

“Your falling for her?” Edith smiled.

“Falling for who?” I appeared in the doorway of my hospital room, cautious of what I might hear.

“How long have you been standing there?”  My mum questioned.

“Long enough to know that Johnny boy likes someone.” I smiled and nodded at Johnny.

“Don’t worry just some new girl I met at school.” Johnny rolled his eyes like girls were such a hassle.

“Watch it you, not all girls are as bad as that Stacey.”  I laughed remembering what had happened.

“Stacey? Who's Stacey?” My mum questioned.

Johnny laughed nervously.

“Err never mind Edith, you guys go home and have a catch up on school.”

That reminded me, I felt my face and nothing was there, hmm. That was odd, I was curious about the connection between me and Johnny. Had he felt the way I had? So much glorious emotions trembled down my body.

I hugged Johnny goodbye. “Thank you, I hope we see each other again as we need a catch up.” I thanked Johnny. He looked overwhelmed by the hug and wrapped his strong arms back around me and squeezed me tight. My head only reached to his chin, I breathed in the scent of his clothing and he smelt so amazing.  I looked back up to see him looking down at me slightly going red, unlike me I was bright red like a tomato. My mum was standing there watching us. I didn’t know f Johnny felt the connection whenever we touched, but I definitely did. I looked into his blue eyes which seemed to go on endlessly, he bent down and gently pressed his lips on my forehead. I moved back and waved goodbye.

I joined mum who was already walking down the corridor. I sped up and caught up to her.

“You two seem to have a very strong thing together.” My mum read my mind.

I smiled and turned around just to find him punching the wall and leaning his body against it. He ran his hands through his hair and licked his lips. He looked up as if he knew I was looking at him. We stared at each other again. No smiling, no sadness just average stranger stares.

“Jodie, you there?” I realised I hadn’t replied to my mum for a while.

“Oh yeah, sorry mum. How did you guys know each other though?” I questioned remembering how friendly they had been to each other and the fact she hadn’t mind when a stranger was sat in my hospital room and had helped me get there.

“Oh you know how it is, hes one of my workmates kids and I have seen him at a party I went to. He acted like a waitor.” My mum was very good at lying however I saw right through this act and decided to question her further.

“Which colleague?”

“One you don’t need to know, now about that connection between you two? How do you guys know each other?”  My mum decided to bite back and play the game on me.

I told her all about my first day back at school. The punch, the janitors closet, the fainting and about Stacey the wolf.

“A wolf! That’s very rare, haven’t seen one of them in ages.” Edith sounded surprised like she knew a lot about these creatures.

“How do you know about wolves, how do you even believe my story?” I was stunned.

“Well a lot of strange things happen in this world and there are things that I do need to tell you bt not right now.  I do believe your story however I don’t understand what set the wolf off.”  Edith was pondering the thought.

I turned bright red and giggly as I realised about the near kiss, and I hadn’t told her about it.

“Well I don’t know, she just didn’t like Johnny in the same room as me?”

“Did Johnny explain about wolves then? What did johnny do?” My mother was asking me loads fo questions that were pretty hard to remember.

I explained what Johnny had told me all about wolves and I also told her how he had strangled Stacey so the soul of the wolf would die however the body would still remain but the real girl wouldn’t remember how to do anything. I still had one question for my mum.

“Mum I fell asleep with Johnny next to me and the next thing I know I wake up after my dream and Im crying but the body of the young girl had disappeared? Do you know where it went to?  Also how do you even know so much about this, this all used to be myths according to me?”

“Well the body Johnny would have put this blue crystal powder, almost like bath salts over it and that would remove the body over 2hours and it would have just faded away. I know this is all hard to believe and it’s a lot to take on board but you have to widen your horizon ad open your options to the impossible.” My mum was a very wise lady and she hated lying to people especially those she loved. So I wanted the truth.

We were walking down my street and I looked behind me to make sure no one was there before I asked this question. However something stopped me in my tracks. Johnny was there and was leaning over the wall just like my dream he was crouched with something in his hands.

“Mum, Johnny is over there? How did he get here so fast? JOHNNY!” I yelled Johnnys name. As he turned around I saw blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, as he saw me he realised what he was doing and dropped the lifeless bird he had in his hands and walked towards me.

“Johnny what the hell are you doing!!?” I screamed. This was mostly a rhetorical question because I knew the answer.  He looked sad and shocked that I had spotted him through the darkness.

I walked off leaving my mum behind and stormed for the house, not knowing if I may or may not be Johnnys next victim for blood.

“Jodie wait!” I heard Johnny in the distance but I ran home.

I opened the door and slammed the thick wooded door with a heavy shut. I ran upstairs and locked my bedroom door while hiding under my duvet. Silent tears where streaming down my face. Why was I so hurt and confused. My dream had just become reality? However Johnny isn’t who I thought he really was. Turns out, I nearly kissed a vampire.

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