Zalfie: Our Story

Hi, I'm Zoe Sugg. Some may know me as Zoella from my YouTube channel. Others might know me as Zoe from my blog. You might've even heard my name mentioned in a certain pairing of two people. Zalfie? Yep, I'm that Zoe.

My life was pretty boring until I met my best friend; Alfie Deyes. We bonded instantly and our friendship rocketed. But neither of us expected what would happen when we began to fall for each other..

It's not flawless but it's ours.
Our Story.


3. Three

"Hi Zoe." The boy smiled, reminding me of the crooked smile he flashed me the first time I saw him. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. Even the way he said my name sounded beautiful. I couldn't believe the boy I melted in front of was sitting right before my eyes. 

Marcus cleared his throat, reminding me I had been staring and I quickly shut my mouth. "H-hi.." I nervously smiled back, feeling 3 times more shy than I had ever been. 

"Well, we better get going." Marcus smirked and took his seat in the front again. I turned back around quietly and swallowed the lump in my throat. 

"So Alfie, you like Nando's?" Marcus spoke again, glancing in his rearview mirror.

"Yeah, love it." He smiled. Of course he would like my favorite restaurant. I'm sure we even had the same favorite color. 

We arrived to lunch in less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes of complete discomfort. Not even the radio could help break the silence. Marcus parked the car and I quickly got out, hoping to see Louise. I needed to talk to her right away. I made my way inside and thankfully saw her with Joe in the waiting area.

"Louise!" I shouted, then realizing I may have said it a little too loud. Many eyes turned on me, making my cheeks flush pink.

"Zoe! How have you b-" She cut off and looked behind me. I twisted around to see what she stopped for and noticed Alfie walking in. I turned back around and gave her a don't-you-say-anything look. She smiled politely, ignoring me, and stuck her hand out to him. "Louise." She introduced herself.

"Alfie." He shook her hand. I stood there, watching her cautiously to see what she was gonna do next. Luckily, she stepped back, next to me.

"Alfie is a friend of mine who just moved here a few weeks ago, and I figured it'd be okay if he joined us?" Marcus asked, but said it more like a statement. No, it is not okay Marcus. I did not want him to join us.

"Yeah, fine with me. Nice to meet you Alfie." Joe nodded and shoved his hands in his coat pockets. 

"Nice to meet you too. Thanks for letting me come with you guys." Alfie smiled again, staring right at me. I looked the other way and took a silent, deep breath. This was going to be an interesting meal. 

We were seated by our waiter in a booth in the corner. I sat in the middle, next to Louise and Marcus. Joe and Alfie sat on the other side, perpendicular to us. We all looked at our menu's while I tried to hide behind mine. I felt Alfie's eyes on me but I didn't want to look up to confirm my assumption. 

"Hi, I'm Angela and I'll be your server today." A woman approached us holding a pen and paper. "Can I start you off with some drinks?"

"Yeah, I think we're ready to order too." Marcus looked around at us as we all nodded in agreement. "I'll just have the grilled chicken." He pointed at his menu.

We each went around and told her our order with the drink we wanted. Angela left, back to the kitchen and we made small talk while we waited for our food. I quietly sipped my lemonade and talked with Louise about what we did these past weeks. Neither of us mentioned anything about Alfie, partly because he was right across from us. Joe shot his straw wrapper at Marcus who shot one at Alfie, which lead to the three of them throwing random things they found on the table at each other. I managed to dodge a few flying sugar packets but got hit in the face with a crumpled napkin by Joe. 

"Zoe, I have to go the restroom. Will you come with me?" Louise stood up with a hopeful look on her face. I also stood, but looked confused. 

"I will never understand why girls have to go to the bathroom together.." Marcus shook his head. Louise rolled her eyes at him and started walking across the room. I followed her into the girls restroom and leaned against the sink while she checked her hair in the mirror.

"Why aren't you talking to him?" 

"Who?" I asked, although I knew who she was talking about.

"Alfie." She looked over at me. "He keeps staring at you and you haven't looked at him once."

"I don't know." I bit the inside of my cheek. And that was the truth, I really didn't know why I hadn't spoken up. Usually, I was the loudest one at these meetings. I just got this weird feeling around him.

"At least try to make a conversation with him." Louise headed for the door. I guess I could try to talk to him. I didn't want him to think that I was that shy. I'm not sure of what to say though. We found our table again and sat down.

Our food arrived soon after and we happily ate our meals. Alfie and I didn't make eye contact the entire time. Louise kept kicking me with her foot under the table but I just kept eating my chicken. 

"So Alfie," Louise interrupted my silence. "What do you do? For a living I mean."

"Well," He wiped his mouth with his napkin. "I just graduated from college and I'm planning on going to uni soon. But I also have this second career going on as a Youtuber."

As soon as the last word came from his mouth, a large piece of my chicken got caught in my throat. He made videos too? I coughed multiple times to try to swallow the food and get my breathing back to normal. Everyone stared at me cautiously, but I tried to ignore them and act like nothing happened.

"I'm not as good as some of you guys but Marcus has helped me film a few and I'm definitely improving." He chuckled and nodded.

"How exciting though!" Louise smiled. "We love meeting other Youtubers like us."

We all nodded in agreement with Louise. It was neat that we made a new friend who was like us. They all got into this big discussion on who's seen who's videos and each made plans for Alfie to come over to be on their channel. I remained quiet even though I told Louise I would talk to him. Alfie seemed like a really great guy, but I still didn't understand why I was so nervous.

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