Status Single (One Direction)

Status Single has been named one of the hottest girl bands of all time. They are constantly being compared to the Spice Girls, and have won almost every award they've been nominated for. Anyone who knows them knows that the five-piece girl band was created by Simon Cowell, who invited five girls he found on YouTube to his office, and they became Status Single. It's easy to tell that the five girls seem familiar to another British/Irish group in the media. Rae, Paris, Callie, Natalie, and Charlotte represent the five members of One Direction, with their crazy antics and down to earth personality. But what happens when the two groups are forced together for a European tour? Will they get along fine, or will drama hit the bus?


4. VMA's Part 2

Chapter Four

Callie's POV

"And the winner for Best New Artist goes to...One Direction!"

My heart sunk a little in my chest as five lads at the front of the audience jumped up and did the same group hug we did. I recognized a blonde quiff in the mix, and my eyes widened a bit. Irish twin...was from One Direction?

"Ugh, that sucks," Paris sighed. I could tell she was really looking forward to beating the boy band, but unfortunately, they got more votes.

"This is absolutely amazing!" Niall said, "Thank you guys so much!"

"Niall never told me that when we were talking..." I said softly.

"Your Irish BFF is the enemy," Charlotte said, and I frowned.

"The enemy?" I questioned.

"A five piece boy band and a five piece girl band?" Paris pointed out, "Instant rivals. They're our competition, Callie."

"Why do we always have to compete? Do we have to be rivals with a popular boy band?"

"Why not? We could win. We're girls, it's what we do."

"But...Niall seems nice..." I whimpered.

"No being friends with the enemy!" Charlotte scolded.

"You two make everything a competition!" Natalie complained, "We don't have to be the best at everything."

A lad with lighter brown hair took the mic from Niall. That was Louis, I think. If what Niall told me was correct.

"In your face, Status Single!" he shouted, and all sympathy disappeared. Natalie, Paris, Rae, Charlotte, and I slowly turned to look at each other.

My eyes narrowed, "Ok, those jerks are going down."


I was on my phone as we all went back to the red carpet. One Direction was only one spot above us on the iTunes list, which was number eight.

"Hey, Callie!" a peppy voice greeted. I looked over my shoulder to see Niall walking up behind me. He had a skip in his step, which was undoubtedly due to the winning of three VMA's.

"Niall," I replied emotionlessly.

"Congrats on winning Best Female," he said.

"Ya, nice going with Best New. I especially liked your speech," I spat. Niall's smile disappeared, and I spun around on my heel, walking away before he could reply.

"Callie!" I heard him call, but I ignored him.

"You okay, Cal?" Natalie asked, and I nodded.

"I'm fine. Just One Direction," I admitted.

"Ignore them. Paris is right; we're better than them."

I nodded again, just as I heard Niall call me again.

"I'll see you later," I told Natalie, "I'm going to go talk to fans. They usually make me feel better."


I was sitting in the limo, my head in my hands. Photographers were trying their best to take my picture through the tinted window, but according to Rob, the only thing they will be able to get is an outline of my golden blonde braid.

I tried my best to wipe away my tears anyways. I shouldn't be crying; it was just a few haters. But I guess I take things a bit too personally.

The door suddenly opened, and the girls slid in. I wiped my eyes and sniffed, giving the girls a big fake smile.

"Hey," I greeted, trying my best to sound strong.

"What happened?" Rae asked immediately. She could easily see through my fake smile, just like the others.

"It was...just some 'fans' that don't particularly"

Paris wrapped her arms around me from one side, and Rae did the same on the other. I choked on a sob and buried my face in Rae's neck.

"What did they say, Callie?" Charlotte asked gently.

"They told me that an Irish member of a British band was never good," I murmured, "They told me to quit the band."

"Don't listen to them, Callie O'Brian," Natalie said, "You deserve to be in the band as much as any of us."

"It just hurts, you know?" I whispered, "I mean, what if they're right? There are probably tons of better people for the spot out there."

"But Simon chose YOU," Rae reminded me, "Out of all the people on YouTube, he chose the five of us. I don't know why, but he did. And we rock."

"I'm glad I have sisters like you," I gushed, "I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you."

Paris smiled at me, "Come on, Callie. Let's go get drunk."

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