Status Single (One Direction)

Status Single has been named one of the hottest girl bands of all time. They are constantly being compared to the Spice Girls, and have won almost every award they've been nominated for. Anyone who knows them knows that the five-piece girl band was created by Simon Cowell, who invited five girls he found on YouTube to his office, and they became Status Single. It's easy to tell that the five girls seem familiar to another British/Irish group in the media. Rae, Paris, Callie, Natalie, and Charlotte represent the five members of One Direction, with their crazy antics and down to earth personality. But what happens when the two groups are forced together for a European tour? Will they get along fine, or will drama hit the bus?


1. Status Single

Chapter One

Rae's POV

*@statussingle: Can't wait for the signing in L.A.! I heard there's already a queue! Love you guys so much! -Rae xx*

I tapped the "tweet" symbol on my white iPhone 5, and slipped it back into my pocket. I sipped at my mango smoothie and stared out the window longingly. I was sitting on a white leather couch in the hotel room, awaiting the call from Rob, our bodyguard, telling me it was time to go for the signing.

I could hear the fans outside on the street. They chanted our name, and held up signs. I wanted to run down the stairs and meet every single one of them, but I wasn't allowed. That was honestly the worst part about the whole bodyguard thing. Instead, I was forced to watch them through my window, and not do anything about it.

"Rae! Have they called yet?" I heard Paris ask from the bathroom. She was still focused on her hair, which hasn't changed in the last twenty minutes. Paris' hair had to be perfect; no matter where she was going. Our bathroom - which was connected to the room we shared - had countertops cluttered with curlers, straighteners, blow dryers, dry shampoo, hair gel, elastics, combs, and every other kind of product she was allowed to bring.

"No, they haven't called," I answered. Paris emerged from the toilet, her long, light brown hair in loose curls around her face. Paris had sparkling blue-green eyes, and freckles that lightly dotted her cheeks. Her skin was clear, and tanned golden. She had the gorgeous figure that all of us had, but her clothes didn't fit in quite as well. Right now, for instance, she wore fitted jean shorts that were dark red, and a blue and white striped crop top that showed her belly button.

"I hate being cooped up," she complained, "Simon won't even let us party until Friday. I feel like I'm being grounded."

"It's your fault we're on celebrity house arrest in the first place, Paris," I reminded her.

Paris sat down next to me and rolled her eyes, "It's not my fault I like to party."

"Aren't you supposed to be the mature one?" I questioned, "I mean, you ARE the oldest."

"Age is just a number, baby."

I smiled at my best friend in the band and got up from the couch, handing the rest of my smoothie to Paris, and unlocking the patio door.

"Rob said not to do that," Paris stated. We looked at each other, before laughing. It's cute how Rob thinks we'll actually listen to everything he says.

Paris hopped off the couch and followed me out onto the small patio area. The fans pointed and screamed when they saw us, and we waved happily. Our room was only on the third floor, so we weren't too far up. I love talking with the fans, because all of them are so amazing.

"How are you guys doing?" I called down to the group of about twenty American fans. There was a chorus of "good" 's, as well as a few more screams.

"We love you guys so much!" Paris told them honestly, and I nodded in agreement.

"Where's Callie?" one fan asked.

"Where's Natalie?"

"Where's Charlotte?

I smiled, "One second!" I shouted, but Paris was already tapping on her blackberry. A few seconds later, Natalie and Callie dramatically emerged from the hotel room beside us.

Natalie was a quieter girl with long, dark hair that was almost black. Her hair was long and straight, with bangs the hid one of her eyes about 90% of the time. It was also buzzed on the other side, making it slightly resemble Skrillex. Her big brown eyes were gorgeous, and her olive skin tone was inherited from her mother's side. Natalie had a nose piercing stud, and had earings as well. She wore a black t-shirt with a navy blue varsity jacket, dark skinny jeans, and converse high tops. Her arms were always covered with bracelets and tattoos.

Callie, on the other hand, was a peppy, happy-go-lucky Irish girl. She had long blonde hair which she alternated between straight and curly, and had big blue eyes. Her skin was pale, and she wore white braces on her teeth. Callie wore a red polo with jean shorts, and white supras.

"Callie! Natalie! Remember what Rob said?" I heard Charlotte scold from inside, but the two girls ignored her. They waved at the fans happily, and we answered their questions the best we could.

"Are you performing at the VMA's?" one asked.

"No, but we're nominated!" Callie answered, "Please vote! We would love it if you could!"

"Natalie! Are you getting another tattoo?" another fan asked.

"Not yet!" Natalie replied, "Maybe in the future, but not now!"

"Rae! What's your new kitten's name?"

"Bella!" I told her, "I'll post some more pictures on twitter when we get home!"

"Paris! Are you dating Louis?"

Paris leaned in to me to whisper in my ear, "Who's Louis?"

I shrugged, "No idea."

Paris turned back to the fans, "No, I'm not!" she said simply, and suddenly my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID, and saw "Rob" flashing on the screen.

I stepped inside and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello, Rae," Rob's voice greeted through the receiver, "It's time to head down to HMV for the signing. Are you girls ready?"

"For the most part, I think. Could you give us five minutes?"

"Only five, Rae."

"Got it, Rob."

"By the way," he added, "I know you what you're doing on the balcony."

Before I could reply, Rob's phone clicked as he hung up. Oh, Rob.

"Paris!" I called, "It's time to go!"

I heard Paris say goodbye to the fans, before she bounded over to me. She quickly ran to the bathroom to check her appearance one last time in the mirror. I saw her wink at her reflection, before she rejoined me at the door.

"Paris, you never cease to amaze me," I told her, and she grinned brightly.

"Admit it, Rae. I keep your life interesting."

I laughed and opened the door, finding Callie and Rob in the hallway. Rob is a taller man with greying hair. He's middle aged, but looked like he could lift a truck. He's the coolest bodyguard ever.

"Where are Charlotte and Natalie?" I asked Callie.

"Charlotte was doing a twitcam, and convinced Natalie to say goodbye with her," the Irish girl replied. Sure enough, a few minutes later, the two girls opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

Charlotte had long brown wavy hair that came down to her lower back. Her brown eyes were big and innocent, and her heart was bigger than all the rest of ours together. She wore a brown plaid shirt that was open, revealing the white tank top underneath. She wore blue jeans and brown boots, and had a couple of woven bracelets that Natalie had made her around her wrist.

Charlotte pushed her hair to one shoulder, at the same time Natalie pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Rob motioned for us to follow him down the hall, and Paris lead the way. We walked to the lift in silence, and arrived in the lobby within minutes.

"There's a van waiting out back," Rob informed us, "Follow me."

We did, and sure enough, a white minivan sat directly outside the back door. We all piled in, and the phones were pulled out. It's almost as if we rehearse it.

*@rae_aspen: thanks for chatting with us for awhile! Sorry we couldn't meet you all personally, but I still had fun!*

My phone buzzed, and I looked at the tweet I had been mentioned in.

*@paris_stykes: @rae_aspen, @irishcallie, @charlotte_ss, @natalie_reese, and I are going to a signing at hmv in L.A.! #longday*

I smiled at Paris' tweet and mentally agreed. Signings were always extremely long, and usually pretty boring. But the great part was meeting the fans. We don't get to see the American fans as much, so it's always amazing when we get the chance.

I didn't notice we had stopped until Natalie took my hand and pulled me out of the van. I tucked my phone into my pocket and looked up.

"Holy shit that's a lot of people," Callie stated, voicing what we were all thinking. Hundreds of fans were queued up, waiting for us to sign their albums.

Long day is going to be an understatement.

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