The one and only

Justin and Emma been dating for a year so far and they do everything a couple does kiss, hug, fight, and many other things, they are for sure the happiness couple ever


1. Happy 2 years babe

Today was Emma's and Justin's 2 year anniversary Emma is still in bed in till she smelled something very yummy. Emma walked down stairs surprised to see her boyfriend cooking her some breakfast then she looked around the house it was all decorated with pictures of them in the past. Justin turned around

Justin: Happy 2 year anniversary babe *Justin then cupped his hand around her face and started making out.

Emma: *pulls out of kiss "Happy anniversary babe I have a present for you"

Justin: I also have one for you but its for you tonight at dinner its very special

Emma: Can i please just have it now?

Justin: no then it wont be special

Emma: fine bitch (she said with a giggle), i'm gonna go get your present

Justin: hurry up I made you bacon and waffles don't let them get cold

Emma than ran upstairs to get the present, later she came down with a tiny present

Justin: WOW BABE ITS HUGE! (he said joking around)

Emma: Just shut up and open it

Justin then teared it open there were 2 paper that said 2 tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs game




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